Sound Healing Meditation with Jerome & Michael Burdi

I wanted to share an amazing experience that I had at the Sound Healing Meditation Workshop this last Monday.  Jerome and Michael led us through a complete sensory journey that brought my mind into places it has never been.  The vibrations of their instruments were felt from all parts of the room as they moved around each of us.  The sounds combined with aromatherapy brought us into a complete state of relaxation.

I have been to meditation classes many times and struggled with the silence that for me was louder than any sound, causing my mind to wonder out of the current moment.  The music that was played by the Burdi Brothers led my mind into depths I have not reached before.  The sounds were soft and sweet but they played with the volumes and rhythms as if they were leading our minds on a journey deeper into our souls.

Jerome and Michael were in perfect synchrony as they played a collection of instruments with origins of Native American, Middle Eastern and Asian.   They played with our senses, reaching our hearts and the depths of our souls leaving us in a complete state of bliss as we were brought back into reality.  Two days later I find myself feeling happier, peaceful and ready for the challenges of daily life.

I am looking forward to their next sound healing workshop.  To see the schedule of upcoming workshops, click here!

Maureen Brody

Motivation Mondays with Orly Amor!

The Universe is guiding you and communicating with you every second of your life it is responding to your thoughts and it is giving you invaluable feedback through your feelings. Your feelings are cosmic communication!  The good feelings mean, GOOD FOR YOU. The bad feelings are to get your attention so that you will change what you are focusing on. Tune into that cosmic communication that is with you every day. You are never alone, not for a second.  The Universe is right with you at every step, guiding you.  But you have to listen!

“People’s behavior always makes sense to them.” – UNKNOWN

We all have a sixth sense that we deliberately labeled it “The Sixth Sense”.  It is that hunch when we know we should follow and we don’t and then we kick ourselves and say “I knew it.”  Follow that hunch it will never fail you.  You can take that to the bank.

Orly Amor

Author of The Twelve Powers We Hold Within

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift

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