Introducing Julia- Make-up Artist to the Stars!



Meet Julia:


With over 25 years of experience, Julia has worked on many of your favorite celebrities for fashion shows,  photo shoots & private events while styling for high fashion companies such as YSL, Victoria’s Secret, Baby Phat & many more.


Allow Julia to style your eyebrows like never before with her Eyebrow Threading, artisically recreate your lashes with Permanent Eyelash Extensions or enhance your best features with her artisitc Make-up Application.   She will contour your facial structure and dramatically improve your skin texture.  Julia is a Manicurist to the stars who specializes in flawless nails for your basic manicure, spa manicure, minx or gel nails.


Get the look of the stars! Schedule your next service with Julia at the Green Spa & Wellness Center today.


View images of Juliya’s work below:

Feng Shui & Astrology for Chinese New Year

Join me, Sheila Brody, Feng Shui Consultant, Interior Designer & Green Spa Founder at this once in a lifetime class. Once every 9 years, the majical energies of the universe align perfectly and put us all in our perfect space (or perfect square according to the Chinese.) This February 10th, 2013 we fall back into alignment with the stars- meaning this is your year! Finally the one you have been waiting for for so long.  Don’t sweat it if January just passed you by and you made no changes in your life,  your year starts right NOW and has been waiting for you discover it all along. Its your second chance.

Seriously! It’s all written in the stars! Learn how to harness the powerful energy within yourself to truly become the new & improved perfect you you deserve to be. Will it be a good year to move, plan a family, retire, start a new job, paint your kitchen, fianlly move that clutter out or even take that long awaited vacation you have been anticipating?

At sign up, you must submit your birth day, month and year and we will prepare for you a customized Chinese Astrology reading and interpretation of what is predicted for you this year.In this class, you will find out more about yourself- who you are at your core, who you are when your buttons are pushed  and perhaps more importantly how others interpret you and what think about you. This is a one of a kind, DO NOT MISS class. This year’s energies will not be repeated until 2022. Dont wait till then to find out what it means to be in your perfect square!

90 Minute Class,  size is limited to keep intimacy, Tuesday February 5th Promptly at 6:45 pm

Includes Tea Tasting & hors d’oeuvresRed Snake

Feng Shui for New Beginnings Workshop 1/10 @ 7:00PM

2013 is here! What has changed for you from last year? 
Join us for this amazing workshop with Sheila Brody and learn what needs to be changed in your environment in order to highlight your strengths and create balance in your life for this spetacular New Year.   This workshop focuseson the goals that are most important to you and teaches you how to harmonize your home or office in order to create balance within your space and within your life.  We will create a peaceful balance of Yin & Yang in this Acupuncture for Your Space Workshop with positive intensions in a powerful group environment.  Bring a sketch of the area you would like to focus on or an intention for change in your home and or office life.  Join us as we transform our lives together.
90 Minutes $30