Must have products for your next vacation!

Whether a vacation or “staycation” is in your future, products with SPF are a must for keeping your skin looking healthy and nourished!

“Overexposure to the sun can cause uneven pigmentation, dark spots and premature aging” says Shine Beauty Beacon. For a daytime sun protection fix, they recommend our Red Currant Protective Moisturizer SPF 30. This ultra-light replenishing moisturizer is packed full of potent antioxidants, zinc oxide, elderflower and vitamin E that help “prevent sunburn and early skin aging”.
Sun protection doesn’t have to end with an SPF moisturizer.“To set the overall look (and for extra sun protection)”, Joana Miranda Studio recommends our Sun Defense Minerals -Translucent, SPF 30.

On the flip side, if you’re going for a more of a “sun-kissed look”, Island Sisters recommends “bronzing it up” with our Sun Defense Minerals – Cinnamon Bronzer. Not only is this a “great bronzer that adds SPF 30 sun protection”, it’s also water-resistant and comes with a built in brush applicator which makes for “perfect packaging for on-the-go and traveling”.

Safe for your skin. Safe for the environment

Dermascope gives us a quick history lesson in an article called, Cosmetics-A Look into the Past, Present and Future. According to Dermascope’s Lauren Balukonis, “it is important to understand the history of makeup to really be able to understand and appreciate industry trends of today and the outlook for future trends”.

One very important trend that we are proud to be a part of is the movement towards creating “earthy makeup lines” that are “completely free from any synthetic constituents and contain only pure healthy forms of ingredients”. When it comes to natural cosmetics, Dermascope recommends our Antioxidant Mineral Foundation. This all-natural, chemical-free mineral powder offers build-able coverage and comes in an environmentally friendly bamboo compact – what better way to treat your skin to a flawless complexion while being kind to the environment!

How you can afford celebrity beauty secrets!

You may not be able to have a vegan chef follow you around like Beyonce. Or have a ‘glam squad’ on-demand like Kim K for make-up, but you can have the most important thing. Great skin care.



It’s not pricy if you compare its long-lasting affects on the skin. “Microdermabrasion is a miracle,” said Gwyneth Paltrow, a huge fan of the treatment. Standard microderm treatments blast the skin, removing the dead skin, and sometimes if the client gets them too often can cause the skin to be paper thin. Not a great thing when it comes to sun exposure. We took the microderm to the next level with our all natural ORGANIC COTTON MICRODERM. Paltrow is a big advocate for wellness  and organic treatments and it shows. She’s in her early 40’s and her microbiotic diet and organic skincare makes her glow, inside and out!


Micro derm is realistic because you only need to get it a few times a year. We’re offering $20 off all skincare treatments of $95 or more throughout March, so get you derm on!

2. Micro Electrical Current Facials!

Written about in ELLE MAGAZINE , micro electrical current is another celeb fave we also do at The Green Spa. Lauded as “the new botox” it’s the use of electrical current to stimulate facial muscles. It’s been around for centuries, but now just catching heat. It doesn’t hurt, just feels like a buzzing sensation on your face and the next day, you’ve got yourself some star gazing skin.

3. Makeup who?

Another trend we talked about in our Oscar’s blog post is “the no makeup look.” Outside of the red carpet, it’s favored by Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow  and something we at The Green Spa have been advocating for years with our all natural mineral makeup. We feel so strongly about natural makeup, we only carry the ‘green’ lines  like Eminence and Jane Iredale. This month we’re hosting a number of teen makeup events this to teach young people to start using natural makeup early. Tips include: embrace using lip color a shade darker than your natural, and pick one area on your face you’d like to highlight. If you’re a fan of your cheekbones, use a natural color blush along your cheekbone and a highlighter directly above where you applied the blush on the harder part of your face. You won’t need much more. If you’re a fan of your eyes, mix and match natural earth tones for shadows using brushes you’ve invested in. Add some mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Again, you don’t need makeup anywhere else if you’ve flaunted chief asset. Pick a feature and go, you natural beauty, you!

And remember, always wear a broad spectrum sunblock with SPF 30.

Here’s Jen with the ‘no makeup look’.



The Green Spa’s Oscar Buzz

Last night at the Oscars “The Dallas Buyers Club” took home the Oscar for make-up. At the Green Spa we make make-up our business. We have celebrity make-up artists on staff to create custom looks for day, night and anything in between. Let’s take a look at the trends set by the stars!

Jennifer Lawrence really captured The Green Spa vibe. Her matte foundation and powder sets the tone for a dewy, fresh look that makes it impossible to ever imagine she sweats. Our mineral make-up accomplishes the same goals whether you’re looking for minimal or maximum coverage. The point is to look natural. Also, we’re seeing a tend with Jennifer’s lipstick choice, a slightly darker tone than her real lip color. We applaud her and her artist for claiming the natural look and daring to turn what’s considered day make-up into a red carpet look.

Emma Watson went the opposite way, bucking the natural trend with a more traditional nighttime look. Her dramatic lips work with the more neutral tones on her eyes. It’s the perfect reminder that if you go big somewhere, tone down the rest. Emma’s lips can best be accomplished by first using red lipliner not only around the outer creases of the lips, but over the entire lip. Essentially you’re using liner as a base before you put your lipstick on.



We loved Olivia Wilde’s look! Staying on-trend, she went out with a nude lip, and went daring with the 1960’s style cat eyes. The only look like that of the evening! The perfect combo of vintage meets trend.