3 Ways To Get Probiotics for Skin & Health


Probiotics have been a health trend for the past several years, but have you ever wondered what all the hype is about? What exactly are probiotics and why are they good for you?

To put it simply, probiotics are microorganisms that help promote good health, especially in your digestive system (WebMd). You heard it correctly – the right kind of bacteria can actually be good for you!

In addition to improving your digestion, probiotics help promote healthy blood sugar and hormone levels, assist in regulating your metabolism and give your immunity an extra boost (Shape.com). Probiotics also pack a punch in skincare – the American Academy of Dermatology states, “[Probiotics] have been shown to help with clearer skin, decreased skin sensitivity, redness, and inflammation…You may also see a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increased elasticity”(Yahoo.com).

These friendly bacteria occur naturally in your digestive tract, but they can be found in a variety of foods, supplements and in skin care products also. If you’re thinking of taking advantage of the health and beauty benefits of probiotics – below are 3 readily available sources for you to try out yourself:

1) Probiotic Supplements:

Due to the rising popularity of probiotics as a health product, their counterparts in supplements can be easily sourced. You can find them in health food stores, drug stores and even in grocery stores. A simple way to get your “good” bacteria, supplements are a convenient source for your probiotics.

Interesting fact: A healthy intestinal tract hosts over 100 trillion friendly bacteria. In order to keep these microorganisms topped up, an effective supplemental dose of beneficial bacteria should include at least 5-30 billion viable bacteria a day (drfranklipman.com).

2) Probiotics in Food

Some may argue that a pill is not always the best and most effective health solution. If supplements aren’t your thing, you may want to consider incorporating probiotic-rich foods into your diet. Foods like natural yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso and even dark chocolate are all packed with healthy bacteria (Rd.com).


Interesting fact: Sauerkraut is not only extremely rich in healthy live cultures, it might also help with reducing allergy symptoms. In addition, this pickled cabbage is rich in vitamins B, A, E and C (globalhealingcenter.com).

3) Probiotics in Skin Care

Skin care industry publications like NewBeauty and Dermascope have long endorsed the many beauty benefits of probiotics.

“Probiotics…have long been touted for their ability to improve intestinal health and the immune system. Not surprisingly they’re also proving to be beneficial to the skin,” commented the skin care experts at Dermascope.

Interesting fact:
“The topical application of probiotics can act as a protective shield on the skin by preventing inflammation known as bacterial interference,” explains our Lead Skin Care Trainer, Natalie Pergar. “Probiotics protect by interfering with the bacteria’s ability to stimulate an immune reaction – they calm the parts of the cells that may want to react to the presence of bad bacteria,” says Natalie.

Here are a few of our probiotic skin care picks:

Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser: This cream-gel cleanser treats oily and problem skin with yogurt-sourced probiotics as well revitalizing cucumber juice and nourishing sweet almond milk.

Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer: An ultra-light moisturizer, this product benefits from probiotics which both exfoliate and soothe the complexion.

Clear Skin Probiotic Masque: Another step in the Clear Skin VitaSkin Solution, this masque uses refining, probiotic-rich yogurt to eliminate the appearance of blemishes.


This post was written by Christie Pike from Eminence Organics.
You can find their blog here

The Green Spa & Wellness Center recommends all these great products from Eminence that can help you in a variety of ways.

5 Surprising Ways To Use Éminence Products


Ever since the combined shampoo + conditioner was invented, we’ve secretly yearned for more multi-purpose products. Who wouldn’t want to buy miracle liquids that can function as the Swiss Army tools of beauty? Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of hard-working Éminence products that pull double – and even triple-duty to make you look good.

Here are 5 surprising (and effective) multi-functional ways to use our products:

1) Calm Skin Chamomile Cleanser + Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer = Shampoo + Conditioner

“I have been having some dryness to my scalp and hairline for 2 years. I have been using the Calm Skin cleanser as a shampoo and the Calm Skin moisturizer on my scalp as a deep conditioner and moisturizer to ease itching and dryness. I have been using it as an off-label purpose and it has been wonderful.”

-Veronica D. Sanders, R.N. , Medical Spa Director Spa Therapies Memphis, TN


2) Lip Comfort and Plumping Masque (Step 2 – Lip Trio Kit) = Expression Line Plumping Treatment

“…Since it has a plumping effect, you can also sneak a little bit of [Lip Comfort and Plumping Masque] between the eye area for that little number 11 that sits there with your expression lines – just for an extra treat, great for night-time care!”

-Natalie Pergar, Lead Skin Care Trainer


3) Facial Recovery Oil = Cuticle Oil & Lip Treatment

“I use the Facial Recovery Oil as a cuticle oil when I give myself manicures. I also use it in on my lips for extra hydration.”“I use the Facial Recovery Oil as a cuticle oil when I give myself manicures. I also use it in on my lips for extra hydration.”

-Kristyne Agabob, Key Account Specialist


4) Calendula Oil = After-Shave Treatment

“My boyfriend uses the Calendula Oil after shaving to prevent in-grown hairs and soothe razor bumps.”

-Shannon Greene, Customer Development Team Lead


5) Sun Defense Minerals + Bearberry Eye Repair Cream = SPF Eye Treatment

“One of my favorite things to do is mix my Sun Defense Mineral powder with my eye cream (Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum or the Bearberry Eye Cream) for an extra boost of SPF around the eye area.”

-Alicia Hawthorne, Product Support Representative


This post was written by Christie Pike from Eminence Organics.
You can find their blog here

The Green Spa & Wellness Center recommends all these great products from Eminence that can help you in a variety of ways.

Seitz on Success and Hypnosis


Start Losing Weight Today
Most of us want to lose weight, or have struggled with our weight in the past. We feel it when we reach the top of the stairs, when we look down and see our belly or when we flinch at seeing a picture of ourselves. But what if I told you that you could start losing weight today just by taking one simple step?

Conscious Eating

It’s the act of being aware and awake whenever you eat. Giving you the ability to “Focus on your Food”. Think of anytime you have caught yourself binge eating; you were probably watching television, on the computer, driving, or working, and you didn’t even realize how much you ate until you finished. Now think of when you eat without distractions, with the simple pleasures of family or friends sharing a meal, giving you the ability to “Focus on your Food“.

I put that phrase in quotes because I want you to remember it. When you eat without distractions (like TV, work, driving, etc.) you are much more in touch with your body, and you can feel full faster. But better than that, you can stop eating before you are full. You can actually eat until you are NO LONGER PHYSICALLY HUNGRY and feel completely satisfied! Because who wants to feel “Full”? Doesn’t feeling “Full” make you think of feeling sluggish and overstuffed.

Most of us were raised to “clean our plates” and eat until we were full. It’s up to us now to realize that we don’t win any gold stars for eating everything on our plate or stuffing ourselves.

Conscious Eating

Try it for 6 weeks, and tell me how much weight you’ve lost just using this one simple step!

If you’d like to learn how to lose weight without drugs or dangerous diets, and gain amazing self control along the way, you can book a session with me by calling The Green Spa today, and if you are a Green Spa client (have had any service in the past 60 days) you can have a one hour hypnotic evaluation as our gift for supporting The Green Spa.

Have A Blessed Day.

Tim Seitz – The Happy Hypnotist

Refine Combination Skin With The New Balance Collection


Maintaining a complexion which combines dry areas as well as oily zones can be a confusing challenge. How do you cope with the split personality of your skin which demands that you hydrate dry patches and moderate oil production at the same time?

Today, Éminence launches the Balance Collection to target combination skin, offering oil control, hydration and pore refinement for this skin type.

This collection harnesses the power of key natural and organic ingredients to combat combination skin issues and reveal an improved appearance to your skin:

Buchu Leaves:

What does it do? The buchu leaf extract reduces the appearance of pore size and the look of oily skin.

Pomelo & Green Tea:

What do they do? Vitamin and antioxidant-rich pomelo juice and green tea protect the skin from the appearance of aging.


What does it do? Charcoal helps to remove oil, dirt and other toxins from clogged pores.

Rice Milk:

What does it do? Nutrient-dense rice milk heals the appearance of blemishes and soothes the skin.

These natural ingredients power the three products in the Balance Collection: Rice Milk 3 in 1 Cleansing Water, Balancing Masque Duo, and Balancing Moisturizer Duo. Together, the cleanser, masque and moisturizer create a new beauty routine for combination skin. Find your balance with our new collection and look forward to a revitalized complexion that is clear, calm and luminous.

This post was written by Karen Young Chester from Eminence Organics.
You can find their blog here

The Green Spa & Wellness Center recommends all these great ingredients to maintain that perfect complexion for your skin.