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The Green Spa’s Oscar Buzz

Last night at the Oscars “The Dallas Buyers Club” took home the Oscar for make-up. At the Green Spa we make make-up our business. We have celebrity make-up artists on staff to create custom looks for day, night and anything in between. Let’s take a look at the trends set by the stars!

Jennifer Lawrence really captured The Green Spa vibe. Her matte foundation and powder sets the tone for a dewy, fresh look that makes it impossible to ever imagine she sweats. Our mineral make-up accomplishes the same goals whether you’re looking for minimal or maximum coverage. The point is to look natural. Also, we’re seeing a tend with Jennifer’s lipstick choice, a slightly darker tone than her real lip color. We applaud her and her artist for claiming the natural look and daring to turn what’s considered day make-up into a red carpet look.

Emma Watson went the opposite way, bucking the natural trend with a more traditional nighttime look. Her dramatic lips work with the more neutral tones on her eyes. It’s the perfect reminder that if you go big somewhere, tone down the rest. Emma’s lips can best be accomplished by first using red lipliner not only around the outer creases of the lips, but over the entire lip. Essentially you’re using liner as a base before you put your lipstick on.



We loved Olivia Wilde’s look! Staying on-trend, she went out with a nude lip, and went daring with the 1960’s style cat eyes. The only look like that of the evening! The perfect combo of vintage meets trend.

Tonight! Celebrity make-up artist, Melissa Fiore is at The Green Spa To Make You Even More beautiful.

We are very excited that Melissa Fiore, who has done the make-up for the Knicks City Dancers and the cult classic TV show “The Walking Dead” is at The Green Spa tonight, December 11th. Her mission: to talk to you about bringing your glowing inner beauty out. Tell Melissa what makes you feel stunning. Do you want to work on your eyes, lips, cheekbones, or facial highlighters? Perhaps you want the secrets to looking like you’re not wearing make-up, when indeed you are!

Here are some examples of the kinds of looks Melissa can create tonight:

Learn how to look like you’re not wearing any make-up at all!
Learn how to take your make-up from ‘office’ to ‘happy hour’.
The pouty lip. Learn how to make your lips look fuller without the filler!
The Smokey Eye. Great for New Years Eve or for when you’re feeling sultry and dramatic

Get the glam. Learn how to accentuate your lips, cheeks, and eyes so that it all comes together resulting in the best you.