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The Green Spa & Wellness Center posed a challenge for our community to re-think the quality of gift giving this holiday season. It was a simple campaign to honor ourselves, our loved ones,  and those around us to give the absolute best possible gift there is to give, something that no one would want to return or take back, something truly cherished this year.

If you think long and hard about the one thing that we never have enough of, the one thing that we could all use a whole lot more of and you will agree that – The Precious gift of Time just could not be beat. We never have enough time, we constantly run out of it, it disappears before we ever have a chance to use it. We often feel guilty about spending time on ourselves or thinking about ourselves.

Since we decided that giving the gift of time would be our pledge to share with our community. We challenged all to either share time with loved ones this holiday season, care for our own time by not exhausting ourselves with the holiday madness and give others a special gift of spending time on themselves.

Our time is so important and we just don’t cherish it enough. How about time to relax, unwind, smooth our bodies and minds-now that may feel downright impossible sometimes! What would be the most relaxing way to unwind and relax this year? Hands down everyone agreed- getting a massage, a relaxing tub soak or an invigorating body scrub and eucalyptus steam shower.

We don’t take time to care for ourselves. So our campaign began and #GreenSpaGiftOfTime was born. This is the perfect chance to spend quality time together; get a couples massage, plan a long overdue reunion with a friends or experience our NEW Dermapen facial with oxygen blast.

How about nominating someone who can’t or won’t care for themselves enough this year. Who could you think of that may never have the opportunity to experience a massage in their entire life? Think about the people in your life that would never spend the money or time on themselves. Think about the elderly in your life that maybe never had a spa service before. Bring a customized self care basket from The Green Spa filled with relaxing bath soak, body butter and soothing oils to an elderly loved one that might not be able to leave the house. How about the pregnant mom who is busy thinking of the emerging little one. At The Green Spa we use organic and vegan products safe for the expecting mom. How about your husband or wife that just deserves some pampering…the list goes on and on.

Maria Ingardia, Co-Owner of The Green Spa showed up to her 90 something year old  grandmothers home on a mission to bring the Spa to her. Grandma was preparing fig cookies like she does every year for the holidays! Maria thought if grandma could just relax while she received a relaxing hand massage or neck massage, that would be the best gift for her. She brought Vegan Legend Body Scrub and Body Oil to soothe her feet and legs along with Deep Blue penetrating Rub for her back and relaxing DoTerra essential oils. When grandma was asked what she wanted this year…She uttered one word to Maria, I wish for more TIME ! We know grandma wasn’t up on trending hash tags and certainly doesn’t know about our campaign. Grandma spoke the true words of what we all wish for and ultimately will run out of – TIME!


Share your story of someone who deserves #GreenSpaGiftOfTime!

Even if you aren’t able to send them in, we want to hear about the special people you know who deserve a little relaxation, our treat.

Green Spa will choose the lucky winner of a Complimentary #GreenSpaGiftOfTime

Experience of their choice on December 31st, 2016.

Look out on our page as we announce the winner!

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HASHTAG #GreenSpaGiftOfTime

TAG @thegreenspa & The person you would like to nominate.

WRITE a brief comment below nominating someone special who deserves a #GreenSpaGiftOfTime Experience & tell us why under the contest post.

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DEADLINE is December 31st, 2016

What about your own time? What is that worth during this holiday season? As the last few shopping days approach, make the pledge not to exhaust your our own precious time with waiting on long lines or stressing to get the last minute package shipped. Don’t use your time to shop, wrap or stress. Share your time with family and friends – with just a few clicks and we can share the gift of time with everyone on our list.

The Green Spa has valet parking all week, our online gift card center is open 24 hours a day and gift cards can be emailed to everyone on your list. Order A gift certificate or a beautiful self care basket on the phone and your gift will be awaiting your pick up any time, curbside delivery available as well – just ask!

Green Spa Employee Holiday Gift Guide 2016




“Spa Ritual Hand Salve is my favorite hand cream because it is Vegan! It is not oily but it keeps your skin breathable smooth and baby soft!”

Front Desk Associate

Favorite Service: Hand & Foot Lavender Paraffin (Ultimate Massage or Manicure/Pedicure)

“Paraffin is recommended for dry, cracked skin. It is recommended if you have arthritis or just tired & achy joints/muscles. The lavender scent is calming, soothing and good for the skin.”

Massage Therapist

Favorite Product: Eminence Arctic Berry Peptide Moisturizer
“Arctic Berry Peptide Moisturizer is anti aging but light in texture, good for someone who doesn’t like a very heavy moisturizer. The peptides help make the skin glow, leaving you with smooth hydrated skin. It also helps with dark circles.”

Esthetic’s Department Manager

Favorite Product: doTERRA Deep Blue
Deep Blue
“I love this essential oil because it is effective for pain relief of tired, aching joints and it smells good!”

Licensed Massage Therapist

Favorite Product: Eminence Rose Hip Tonique
“This toner is amazing for oily skin. It balances out the oil proaction in my ace, allowing my makeup to stay on through out the day while reducing unwanted shine.”

Front Line Associate

Favorite Product: Jane Iredale Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer

“I love this tinted moisturizer because it is hydrating, lightweight on my skin and water-resistant with SPF

Digital Marketing Manager

Come in and purchase these Products and More at

The Green Spa & Wellness Center

8804 3rd Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11209






In a Rush? We Have Valet Select Dates Thru December ! 

Valet Parking Schedule December 2016


Enter Our #GreenSpaGiftOfTime Contest Before December 31st, 2016!!


2016 RIO Olympians Sporting Cupping Therapy Marks


Last night Michael Phelps earned his 19th gold medal and gained everyone’s attention with the purple circular bruises that adorned his body. These marks are from a healing technique called cupping. Other athletes like Alex Naddour and former Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin are using this technique as well to heal their ailments.




What is Cupping?

Cupping therapy is considered a form of alternative medicine which dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern Cultures. Cupping therapy can remove harmful substances and toxins from the body to encourage healing. It can reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body as well as promote mental and physical relaxation and well-being.

How does it Work?

Cups made of materials such as glass, bamboo or earthenware are placed on the skin to create suction. It works by stimulating the flow of new blood, lymph, and Qi to the applied area and throughout the body.

Types of Cupping Therapy

Dry cupping (suction only)

Wet cupping (suction combined with controlled medicinal bleeding)

The cup is placed upside down on the patient’s skin creating a suction effect. A vacuum is created causing the skin to rise and become red as the blood vessels expand. The cup stays on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes.

During wet cupping the practitioner will remove the cup and use a small needle to pierce the skin. Then a second suction is performed to release a small amount of blood. After the procedure, care includes antibiotic ointment and bandage to prevent infection. Within 10 days the appearance of the skin generally returns to normal.

Side Effects of Cupping Therapy

When performed by trained health professionals cupping is consider to be rather safe.

Potential side effects include:

Mild discomfort



Kiefer, D., MD (Ed.). (2014, October 6). Cupping Therapy. Retrieved August 8, 2016, from

British Cupping Society: “A Brief Overview of Cupping Therapy,” “Al-Hijamah Cupping Therapy.”

American Cancer Society: “Cupping.”

Cao, J. PLoS ONE, February 2012; vol 7: pp 1-14.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

fathersdayblogPrepare for Father’s Day on June 19 with a range of products and services chosen just “For Him” specially selected to keep skin and body feeling great and looking revitalized.

Stone Crop Collection Tube

This exclusive Stone Crop Collection tube is filled with hydrating skin care products that will leave your skin looking kissable and smooth. It comes housed in a beautiful hand-made wooden tube.

Gift Set Includes:
❧   Stone Crop Gel Wash (0.5 oz / 15 ml)
❧   Stone Crop Gel Hydrator (0.5 oz / 15 ml)
❧   Stone Crop Masque (0.5 oz / 15 ml)
❧   Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer (0.5 oz / 15 ml)
❧   Stone Crop Serum (1 oz / 30 ml)

Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser


Cool and balance your skin with our Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser. This clarifying cream-gel cleanser treats oily and problem skin with cucumber and tea tree oil. Sweet almond milk and yogurt reduce the visible signs of problem skin and breakouts without stripping the skin of moisture. Cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan. Retail Size: 8.4 oz / 250 ml

Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer


Use this ultra-light daily moisturizer to detoxify and clear the appearance of problem skin, while leaving behind the appearance of irritation or clogged pores. Cucumber and tea tree help prevent the appearance of blemishes and reduce the appearance of inflammation while probiotics exfoliate and soothe the complexion.
Retail Size: 2 oz / 60 ml

This post was written by Eminence Organics.
You can find their blog here

Green Spa Services Just for Him!

BIOFREEZE Deep Tissue Massage
Reduce pain and get the knots out menthol and deep tissue therapy.
90 Minutes   $155


The Instinctual Detox
❧ Volcanic Black Sand Body Exfoliation
❧ 21 Mineral Bath & Dead Sea Mud Detox Soak
❧ Warm Ginger Hydration Treatment
60 Minutes   $125


Sedona Mud Massage with Indonesian Ginger
Intoxicating Indonesian Ginger aromatherapy & soothing Sedona Mud will be massaged into your skin from head to toe leaving your skin silky smooth. Perfect post summer body treatment and massage combination.

Includes: Firming Body Mask, Skin Hydration & Massage with Indonesian Ginger Aromatherapy Mud.
90 Minutes   $165


Men’s Deep Cleansing
 Facial & Scalp Rx
In honor of Men’s Health Awareness Month indulge in this treatment exclusively targeting Men’s Skincare Health including Anti-bacterial deep pore cleansing combats ingrown hair, razor bumps, & blemishes and a Complimentary Scalp Rx.
75 Minutes   $105


Come into The Green Spa & Wellness Center at 8804 3rd Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to purchase your Eminence products for dad!

Our Summer Beauty Award goes to the Red Currant Rapid Infusion Mask!

We are loving the NEW Red Currant Rapid Infusion Mask from Eminence!  Our guests and Skincare Experts are raving about the effects of this mask in 2 Minutes or LESS!!!  This potent masque is perfect for people on the go as it promotes the look of elasticity and reveals a radiant glow.  AHA cocktail derived from a blend of pineapple, lemon, passion fruit and grape exfoliates the surface of skin leaving you with a perfectly even and smooth skin tone.  Our Summer Beauty Award Winner is a must have this season!!!


Self Magazine tried and tested thousands of beauty products in search of their 2014 Healthy Beauty Award winners. And, we’re excited to announce, our Red Currant Rapid Infusion Masque has won in the “Mask” category!

“Made of a combination of natural alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate—lemon, passion fruit, grape, pineapple—plus honey to nourish, it sounds like a smoothie but performs like a facial (just faster)” says Self Magazine’s April Franzino.

One of Self Magazine’s readers raved that our Red Currant Rapid Infusion Masque ”felt like a spa treatment at home, but only took two or three minutes to work” and she loved that her face “felt refreshed and rejuvenated, and appeared hydrated with more elasticity”.

Thanks Self!

The Green Spa picks for Grammy’s ‘Best Of 2014’

Happy Monday Green Spa-ers,

We were excited to see last evening at The Grammy Awards 2014 that Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Chrissy Teigen all went for natural looks for evening! We’re hosting a Champagne Make-up Workshop February 7th 2014, where we’ll have our experts on hand to recreate these looks for you. Want Katy’s, Chrissy’s, and Taylor’s look? You got it. Anyone else? We can do it! We’re most proud of using all natural brands sans chemicals and we’re even more excited of our access to the area’s best make-up artists. We celebrate natural make-up looks, and can make you appear like you’re barely wearing any, all while enhancing your real-life beauty.

Also, In honor of our Sweet 16 anniversary in March, we’re doing make-up workshops where we start by getting teens to learn the best inside make-up tricks from the get-go. Let’s skip the struggle of mismatching colors and tones and go straight to The Green Spa where we will color match your teen (and you too!).


Feng Shui for New Beginnings Workshop 1/10 @ 7:00PM

2013 is here! What has changed for you from last year? 
Join us for this amazing workshop with Sheila Brody and learn what needs to be changed in your environment in order to highlight your strengths and create balance in your life for this spetacular New Year.   This workshop focuseson the goals that are most important to you and teaches you how to harmonize your home or office in order to create balance within your space and within your life.  We will create a peaceful balance of Yin & Yang in this Acupuncture for Your Space Workshop with positive intensions in a powerful group environment.  Bring a sketch of the area you would like to focus on or an intention for change in your home and or office life.  Join us as we transform our lives together.
90 Minutes $30