Trend Alert: Teal Green Nails

Lauren Conrad, known from the “reality show” The Hills & Laguna Beach wearing Emerald City from Sparitual. SPARITUAL’s “Emerald City” nail lacquer is a shade that will be sending a super strong statement for 2010 spring/summer trends!

Emerald City Crème –

Green tones are generally a tough color to get right for nails but Emerald City has exceeded expectations to become a fast favorite with clients Harpers Bazaar, Lauren Conrad, and Seventeen Magazine! I think Emerald CIty is a phenomenal addition to the permanent collection because this shade is so fun, so interesting, and so uncommon that curiosity alone will draw you in!


Nutrition & Wellness

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Men’s Only… Spa Packages

Men’s Barber Shop Face Treatment

Classic Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment.
Tea-tree Oil & Hot Steam Towel Mask, Detoxifying Scrub,
Pressure Point Massage for scalp, neck & shoulders.
Leaves skin rejuvenated. Great for treating
ingrown hairs, razor bumps, & blemishes.
75 Minutes $95

Back Detailing

Super Scrub, Steam Clean & Vacuum, Compound Mask, Armor-Oil Buff.
Detail Driven Treatment for your
Back, Neck & Shoulders
60 Minutes $95

Deep Tissue Massage

Truly gets the knots out by deeply de-stressing underlying muscles and breaking
down painful adhesions.
60 Minutes $95
90 Minutes $135

Men’s Hand & Foot Grooming

For dry, over-worked and under cared for hands & feet.
Warm mineral soak, hot oil towel mask, relaxing massage and ends with a
moisturizing treatment.
60 Minutes $48


Australian Eucalyptus Glow Body Exfoliation
SeaSoy™ Ocean Body Wrap
Deep Tissue Massage
Oxygen Aromatis Deep Cleansing Facial
Wellness Manicure & Pediure
Spa Lunch
$398 Approx. 5-6 hours


One Hour Deep Tissue Massage
Mens Barber Shop Face Treatment
Hand & Foot Grooming and Invigorating Scalp Massage
$268 Approx. 3.5 Hours


Deep Tissue Massage
Essential Care Facial & Wellness Pedicure
$199 Approx. 3 Hours