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Prom Makeup Tips From Eminence Organics

Prom season is here, and if you’re scrambling for the best prom makeup ideas for yourself or someone you know, you’re not alone.  Whether you’re after a glamorous or more natural makeup look for prom, the key to pretty makeup is gorgeous, glowing skin. Here are a few Eminence Organics beauty tips to help you get ready for prom night.


For prom makeup that lasts all night, you can’t skimp on skin care – and the best way to achieve long lasting results is to give your makeup a brilliant base. To achieve a gorgeous glow, we recommend ditching your redness-inducing DIY face mask and prepping your skin with a natural, organic Eminence Organics mask.

Rising runway star and high-schooler Delilah Hamlin (pictured left) tells ELLE that multi-masking is one of her secrets to glowing skin: “Literally, everyone knows that if they’re going to FaceTime me at night, I’ll have a mask on. My favorite brand is Eminence Organics.” Delilah’s favorites include Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Masque and Strawberry Rhubarb Masque. With career cues taken from the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, it’s no surprise this stunning model is on the rise – and we’re thrilled that Eminence Organics is part of her skin care routine!


The key to perfecting natural prom makeup is to use natural cosmetics. If you’re after sheer coverage and a natural finish, we recommend applying Eminence Organics Vanilla Latte Tinted Moisturizer (also available in Caramel Latte). This lightweight formula softens and protects skin for a smooth and bright complexion, without the aftermath of a pore-clogging foundation.

For long-wearing coverage and a silky matte finish, set your base with Sun Defense Minerals (available in six shades). Tip: apply a shade darker than your complexion to the top of your forehead, down your cheekbones and along your jawline for a sunkissed look.

Give your lips maximum hydration with the award-winning Eminence Organics Citrus Lip Balm. If a plump, glossy look is more your style, try Eminence Organics Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper. This Vogue favorite contains invigorating cinnamon oil and hydrating jojoba oil for a naturally plumped pucker.


Before running out the door, toss Eminence Organics Green Tea & Hemp Blotting Tissues into your clutch. These ultra fine tissue paper sheets absorb excess oils and moisture on the face to keep your complexion perfectly matte all evening long.


Stay forever young and take preventative action against the early signs of aging. Care for your complexion past prom night with the Eminence Organics Youth Shield Collection, including Eminence Organics Red Currant Exfoliating Cleanser, Red Currant Mattifying Mist, Red Currant Balancing Concentrate, Red Currant Rapid Infusion Masque and Red Currant Protective Moisturizer SPF 30. This collection protects and hydrates your skin’s appearance to prevent the visible signs of aging – before they begin.

This post was written by Alisha Whitley from Eminence Organics.
You can find their blog here

You’re Probably Using Your Sunscreen Wrong


We all hear about the dangers we face from the sun. Beauty magazines proclaim the sun’s aging effects, medical experts lecture us on skin cancer, and your friends Instagram the latest photos of their painful sunburn.
We say: Believe the hype and get informed because, like most people, you’re probably using
your sunscreen wrong. Want to make sure you’re truly protected this summer? Here’s a definitive guide to natural sunscreen and how to wear it.
What’s the difference between UVA and UVB rays?
UVB are the rays that lead to sun damage and skin cancer. UVA rays accelerate aging, cause photo damage and can penetrate glass and cloud cover. Make sure that you choose a sunscreen that protects against both types of rays.

What SPF should I choose?
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and measures how long your skin will be protected from UVB rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends an SPF of 30 or higher.

How much sunscreen do I need to put on?
For the face and neck:

Use 1 teaspoon on each area (Skin Cancer Foundation).

Our Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF 32 is one of the best sunscreens for the face because it’s a broad spectrum formulation which protects against both UVA / UVB rays and doubles up as a fantastic makeup primer. Perfect for keeping cosmetics in place on a hot summer day.


Our Tropical Vanilla Body SPF 32 not only provides UVA/UVB protection but also takes you on a beautiful sensory journey with hints of vanilla and linden tea! Health & Wellness magazine touts it as one of their “Scent-sational Top Picks.” Practical yet indulgent.

Where do I apply?
Not only should you slather sunscreen on the main parts of your face and body but also these easily forgotten areas: the tops of ears, lips, back of the neck and the hands. Men with little to no hair should always be diligent in applying sunscreen to the entire head!


How do I choose the right sunscreen for my skin type?
Here is a list of sunscreens ideal for your skin –
Oily Skin: Red Currant Protective Moisturizer SPF 32
Combination Skin: Persimmon and Cantaloupe Day Cream SPF 32
Dry Skin: Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF 32
Uneven Skin: Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 30 

How do I protect against the signs of sun damage but also not ruin my makeup?
With all the events going on during the summer (wedding season!), you need to be protective but still look good. We recommend Sun Defense Minerals as the easiest and safest way to get that sun kissed glow. Use a lighter shade of the Sun Defense Minerals as your foundation or highlighter, and a darker shade as your bronzer or contour. You can also use the Sun Defense Minerals as a tint for your décolleté, shoulders and legs to give the appearance of a natural tan!

This post was written by Kevin Masch from Eminence Organics.
You can find their blog here

6 Summer Travel Tips


In the words of George Gershwin, it’s summertime and the livin’s easy. Except, that is, if you’re embarking on the not-so-easy ordeal of vacation travel. Feel your blood pressure rising as you begin your summertime itinerary? Here are six travel tips to regain that relaxed vibe even when you’re jetting off to exotic locales:


If the clothes you pack into your luggage look like complicated fabric origami, you’re doing it wrong! The best way to prevent wrinkles is to roll, not fold, your clothes. After all, no folds = no lines creased into the fabric. Here’s a bonus on this travel packing tip: Rolls of clothing are also efficient on space so you’re not only travelling wrinkle-free, you’re also maximizing the amount of clothes you’re taking. (Life Hacker).

There’s nothing more messy than squirting all your regular-sized toiletries into mini bottles. And why bother when you can pack an Éminence starter set which comes in travel size containers? Just throw in one of these sleek travel bags pre-filled with your favorite skin routine and you are set to go.

Air travel tip: cabin air is extremely drying on the skin so make sure that you’re hydrating as soon as you step on that plane. Drink lots of water and moisturize your skin deeply. We recommend our rich Linden Calendula Treatment which can be used as a full masque while onboard or left on as a heavy moisturizer. Either way, this treatment protects your complexion from the dehydrating effects of air travel.

One of our favorite travel tips and tricks is to use the empty space inside your packed shoes. Stuff a couple of rolled up socks or perhaps a tube of shampoo – any small sized items can be slipped into your
shoes to maximize your total packing space. Bonus tip: Put your shoes into an old hotel shower cap first to keep the inside of your luggage clean (Cosmopolitan).


summertravelblot5. DE-SHINE YOUR FACE
No time to squeeze into the airplane washroom for a last-minute grooming session? Pack our Green Tea & Hemp Blotting Tissues to remove the oil from your face without even getting up from your seat. With these handy blotting tissues, you can arrive at your destination, looking polished and feeling refreshed.




summertravelsdm6. BRUSH ON YOUR TAN
If you’re landing at a sunny locale, add a bit of instant color (and protect your skin) with a sweep of our Sun Defense Minerals. Conveniently packaged with its own brush, this bronzer just needs a quick click to deliver a dose of natural mineral powder. In slim packaging and easy to use, our Sun Defense Minerals are the perfect solution for travel.



What are your travel tips for summer vacation? Let us know in the comments below.

This post was written by Karen Young Chester from Eminence Organics.
You can find their blog here