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Body Rituals

Element Balancing Body Wraps

Parafango Sun Wrap

Allow yourself to rise & shine like the desert sun. The power of heat will melt cellulite while Lavender infused Spanish sea mud sheds inches, & tightens gently exfoliated skin.

90 Minutes $165


Draw from the power of the earth. Sedona mud firms & tones your skin while gentle exfoliating loofah leaves you soft & radiant. Nourishes body and quenches dry skin.

60 Minutes $135

Instinctual Glow Body Treatment Package

Volcanic Black Sand Body Exfoliation
Detoxifying & Skin Toning Warm Clay Body Wrap
Skin Conditioning Hydration Treatment
Scalp Renewal Treatment

90 Minutes $165

* Cup of Red Sun Legend Tea

Green Mountain Spa Package

Green Tea, Eucalyptus & Fine Sea Salt Body Exfoliation
Detoxifying, Slimming & Skin Toning Warm Marine Clay Body Wrap
Cool Mint Hydration Treatment
Scalp Renewal Treatment
Cup of Green Mountain Legend Tea

90 Minutes $165


Exfoliate your skin with this sugar scrub while benefitting from virgin coconut oil’s deep hydrating properties. Followed by a Firming Hydration Treatment with coconut, shea butter, plant-based hyaluronic acid and a natural retinol alternative with green apple stem cells, this lotion smooths and firms from head to toe. You will leave with your skin looking tight and firm, while providing deep and lasting hydration.

60 Minutes $125


Tighten and Firm the Skin with this Herbal Cellulite Body Wrap, along with Massage and Vacuum modalities to improve circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage, reducing the appearance of cellulite. This combination of therapy will bring heat and blood flow to the surface to stimulate increased metabolism while toning and smoothing the skin, improving the body profile. Includes:

Body Exfoliation

Herbal Cellulite Spot Treatment

Slimming & Firming Blueberry Body Wrap

Cellulite Reducing Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Vacuum Therapy to Stimulate Fat & Cellulite Reduction

90 Minutes $175 (Normally $225)

Best results in Series of 12 & Receive 2 FREE


Body Exfoliation
Infused with Dead Sea Mud
Organic Hydration Treatment

ONLY $125.00 (Regularly $143)


Heal inside & out
White Tea, Coconut, Pineapple, Citrus & Fine Sea Salt Body Exfoliation
Detoxifying, Hydrating & Skin Toning Body Wrap
Citrus Hydration Treatment
Scalp Renewal Treatment
Cup of White Moon Legend Tea

90 Minutes  $165 (regularly $268)

Vegan Body Exfoliation

Awaken your senses as dead skin cells are sloughed away with a customized exfoliation of your choice of exfoliant and intensity. Your polished body is drenched with nourishing organic vitamin rich lotion to reveal supple, hydrated and radiant skin. Choose your favorite scent:

Red Sun: Detox with Ginger, Volcanic Black Sand, Sea Salt & Roibus Tea.
Green Mountain: Invigorate with Seaweed, Eucalyptus & Green Tea Salt Glow.
White Moon: Refresh with Citrus, Fine Sugar & White Tea blossoms.
Lavender Field: Soothe with Soy Milk, Organic French Lavender & Earl Grey Tea Cornmeal Exfoliation.
Moroccan Mint: Uplift with hydrating Cocao, Peppermint, Brown Sugar & Moroccan Mint Tea.


60 Minutes $105

* Intention: Take care of the earth & she will take care of you *

Water Rituals

Exfoliating Steam & Swiss Shower

Steam in your own personal heat oasis, as you are invigorated with the power of eucalyptus. Then rinse to perfection with nine powerful jets pummeling sore and tired muscles.

25 Minutes $38

Reiki Healing

Reiki treatments facilitate healing through deep relaxation, aiding the body to release stress, restore balance to the body's immune system, and cleanse the system from toxins. It can be an effective form of therapy for emotional, physical or spiritual disorders such as depression, chronic pain, stress-related disorders like insomnia, and serious disorders such asheart disease and cancer. Recipients often report feeling a greater sense of health, well-being, balance, focus and enhanced creativity. Repeated sessions serve as a wonderful compliment to conventional medical treatment and can speed the healing process.
60 Minutes $105

AromaTouch Massage

Aromatherapy experience with Pure Essential Oils, Reflexology Foot Treatment, AromaTouch Back Treatment and Full Body Wellness Massage. The mind and body is soothed through the power of aromatherapy and healing touch with this therapeutic approach to pain relief, relaxation, stress reduction and energy balancing. Pure Essential Oils combine with an AromaTouch light feathering application technique and energy work to produce a profound whole-body wellness experience. Includes aromatherapy consultation, body treatment, foot reflexology, full body massage and herbal tea.
90 Minutes   $185


Farm to spa vegan treatments utilizing nature's ancient healing recipes, the powers of aromatherapy and detoxifying Legend Teas. Connect your inner spirit with your outer body. Choose from the following Vegan Spa Body Soaks:


Red Sun: Detox with Ginger, Sedona Mud, 21 Mineral Salt Soak & Roibus Tea.
Green Mountain: Invigorate with Seaweed, Eucalyptus, 21 Mineral Salt Soak & Green Tea.
White Moon: Refresh with Citrus, Sedona Mud, White Tea blossoms & 21 Mineral Salt Soak.
Lavender Field: Soothe with Soy Milk, Organic French Lavender, 21 Mineral Salt Soak & Earl Grey Tea.
Moroccan Mint: Uplift with hydrating Chocolate, Peppermint, 21 Mineral Salt Soak & Moroccan Mint Tea.


25 Minutes $48

Sunless Tanning Rituals

Spray Tan Application

Sprayed on to perfection


Airbrush Diamond Dust Shimmer Hydration & Tan Enhancer

An exclusive blend of shimmering radiance infused with emollients and humectants which serve to soften the skin while delivering a delightful glowing effect. This product enhances the tan when left on for 12 hours. The shimmering effect will wash off with the first shower. This product can be used immediately after the spray tan or as a stand alone treatment between sunless sessions or even on those who do not sunless tan to create a subtle shimmering effect. Experience the effect of Diamond Dust Shimmer Hydration... perfect for brides to experience the ultimate glow!


Shake & Bake

Exfoliation & Spray Tan application


* You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Mahatma Gandhi *

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