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Signature Massage Therapy In Brooklyn

As part of our pledge to create wellness for you & your environment
we exclusively use organic oils during all of our massage treatments.

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Wellness Massage

Swedish massage techniques will relax the body, improve circulation and reduce stress. This is the perfect introduction to massage therapy.
60/90 Minutes $125/$165

Deep Tissue Massage

Truly gets the knots out by de-stressing underlying muscles and breaking down painful adhesions.
60/90 Minutes $125/$165

Biofreeze Deep Tissue Massage

Reduce pain and get the knots out with menthol and deep tissue therapy.
60/90 Minutes $135/$175


Experience the benefits of Hot Stone Therapy combined with Biofreeze pain relieving gel to reduce inflammation and relieve tired and aching muscles. The combination of hot and cold will help to detoxify the muscles of lactic acid build up making it great for a post work out massage or to soothe sore muscles.
60/90 Minutes $145/$185

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth lava rocks are heated, placed along energy pathways & used to massage and melt away tension.
60/90 Minutes $145/185

Medical/Senior Massage Specialist

When you want the very best therapists are highly trained in healing techniques, which encourage physical, spiritual & emotional wellness.
30/60/90 Minutes $85/$145/$185


Alleviate pressure on the joints, reduce swelling in the legs, relieve lower back pain & encourage hormone regulation.
60/90 Minutes $145/$185


Relaxing Wellness Massage with Aromatherapy, Heated Lava Stones, SeaSoy™ Hot Wax Hand & Foot Hydration Treatment.
90 Minutes $185

Massage & Glow

Australian Eucalyptus Salt Scrub followed by a soothing massage.
90 Minutes $185

Spa Reflexology

Target all areas of the body via zones located on the feet with this eastern healing method. Relax the entire body while soothing tired & aching feet. Includes feet, scalp & hands.
30/60 Minutes $75/$125


Massage modalities include: Tui Na, heated herbal treatment, cupping or Gua sha and special exercise training after treatment.
60/90 Minutes $145/$185

Massage Rituals

Cupping Massage

Improve circulatory, respiratory & digestive problems with this alternative therapy. Combat lower back pain, sciatica & fight cellulite.
60/90 Minutes $145/$185

Shiatsu Stretch Massage-

Therapists use a combination of pressure points, stretching and kneading to harmonize & balance the body's energy. Please wear comfortable clothing.
60/90 Minutes $125/$165


Ancient shirodhara ritual brings you into a deep state of relaxation with the slow pouring of warm oils onto the center of your forehead combined with a full body Massage. Includes:
Wellness Massage 60 Minutes
Shirodhara Treatment
Indian Head Massage
Scalp & Hair Treatment
90 Minutes   $185


Experience the slow pouring of warm oils onto the center of your forehead for a Shirodhara Scalp Meditation Treatment which brings you into a deep state of relaxation and meditation. Also includes an Indian Head Massage, Scalp & Hair Treatment.
30 minutes $85

AromaTouch Massage

Aromatherapy experience with Pure Essential Oils, Reflexology Foot Treatment, AromaTouch Back Treatment and Full Body Wellness Massage. The mind and body is soothed through the power of aromatherapy and healing touch with this therapeutic approach to pain relief, relaxation, stress reduction and energy balancing. Pure Essential Oils combine with an AromaTouch light feathering application technique and energy work to produce a profound whole-body wellness experience. Includes aromatherapy consultation, body treatment, foot reflexology, full body massage and herbal tea.
90 Minutes   $185


Intoxicating Indonesian Ginger aromatherapy & soothing Sedona Mud will be massaged into your skin from head to toe leaving your skin silky smooth. Perfect post summer body treatment and massage combination. Includes: Firming Body Mask, Skin Hydration & Massage with Indonesian Ginger Aromatherapy Mud.
90 Minutes   $185

Reiki Healing

Reiki treatments facilitate healing through deep relaxation, aiding the body to release stress, restore balance to the body's immune system, and cleanse the system from toxins. It can be an effective form of therapy for emotional, physical or spiritual disorders such as depression, chronic pain, stress-related disorders like insomnia, and serious disorders such asheart disease and cancer. Recipients often report feeling a greater sense of health, well-being, balance, focus and enhanced creativity. Repeated sessions serve as a wonderful compliment to conventional medical treatment and can speed the healing process.
60 Minutes $105

Duo Massage

You and a guest of your choice will be given plush robes and slippers while relaxing in our tea lounge, and enjoying our exclusive "Legend of The Spa" teas. You will both be escorted to your own private suite where champagne, rose petals and softly lit candles await you. Soak in the relaxing sounds of our waterfall while you are massaged from head to toe. Warm up together next to the fireplace with a glass of champagne and candlelit ambience.
60/90 Minutes $290/$370

Trio Massage

Same as Duo Massage with triple the relaxation... for three! Great for Mother & Daughters, friends & more.
60/90 Minutes $435/$555

Massage in Tandem

Two therapists who work in synchrony to double your indulgence for the ultimate relaxing experience, perform this unique, rhythmic massage.
60/90 Minutes $195/$270

Aroma Therapy

Pure essential oils will take you on a scentual journey during your relaxing Massage Treatment. All signature massages include unscented oils, but you can request French Lavender to stimulate relaxation or Australian Eucalyptus to reduce fatigue and relieve sore muscles. Complimentary upgrade to your massage.

Massage Therapy Treatment Enhancements

T'sphere Trigger Point Therapy

Gently relieve tension points and treat a variety of problems from headache and insomnia to backache and foot pain. Enhance your Massage Treatment (Includes 2 T-sphere tools to take home for self massage). $35

Agave Back Exfoliation

Gently remove dead layers of skin & impurities, improve elasticity and softens skin. Enhance Your Massage Treatment $25

Massage Therapy Treatment Add Ons

Agave Scalp Treatment15 Minutes $38
Deep Blue Therapeutic Foot Massage 15 Minutes $38

Guided Visualization

Let your therapist guide you to a place of inner stillness. A safe place where your mind absorbs positive intentions about the way you view yourself & the world around you. You are what you think. Help manifest an improved mental state, physical wellbeing & a confident view of the future — starting today. Add to your treatment.

* Intention: He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.~Marcus Aurelius *

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