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Pre-natal Care In side & out

Celebrate the miracles of pregnancy and motherhood
with Wellness Treatments @ The Green Spa & Wellness Center

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Alleviate pressure on the joints, reduce swelling in the legs, relieve lower back pain & encourage the body to regulate hormone levels with this tranquil massage for the mother-to-be. 60/90 Minutes $145/$185


Nurture your sensitive skin with pure essential oils to aid in relaxation.  Gently exfoliates without redness or irritation.60 Minutes $105


Stimulate and nourish, revive and replenish your skin with this organic facial. Balance skin conditions (Clear, Calm, Bright, Firm). Includes: Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Neck & Arms. Specialist Trained for contradictions 60 Minutes $145


Cooling mask reduces puffiness, bags and dark circles while plumping & firming the skin around the eyes $38

Vegan Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Spa Manicure & Pedicure will hydrate & treat your skin with the purists ingredients. Transform your hands and feet with this healing ritual inspired from the earth’s natural elements.
Vegan Spa Manicure: $38Vegan Spa Pedicure: $58

Skincare Make-up

Look good and protect yourself with Broad Spectrum Sun Protection Skincare Make-up that has been sensitivity tested and is non-comedogenic
Color Matching$25
Special Occasion Make-up$58
One Hour Application & Lesson$100

tired leg & foot treatment

Reduce swelling & increase circulation with this Exfoliation, Mask, Hot Towel Treatment & Massage Treatment. $65

Pre-Natal Pedicure

A pedicure can work wonders in any trimester of your pregnancy, soothing sore feet, increasing circulation, and reducing swelling. Stimulate and nourish tired legs and feet. Revive and replenish your skin with our line of Organic/Vegan Legend products. Allow your skin to fully absorb the nourishing treatment. A simply luxurious pedicure.45 Minutes $55

Wellness Packages


One Hour Pre-Natal Massage
Tired Leg & Foot Treatment
Vitaskin Custom Facial
$310 Approx. 3 Hours


One Hour Pre-Natal Massage
Vitaskin Custom Facial
Tired Leg & Foot Treatment
Vegan Spa Manicure & Pedicure
$360 Approx. 4.5 Hours

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