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Waxing & Threading Hair Removals

Looking for perfect shaped eyebrows, Facial hair removal for the most sensitive skin, Brazilian bikini, hairless back or any area that you wish to be hair free-you’ve come to the right place.

We use sensitive skin poetic wax or aromatherapy wax, which is less irritating than traditional wax. We have special strip less wax to use on your most sensitive areas.

Do not irritate the area with perfumes or perfumed products prior to waxing. Try our No Scream Cream 30-45 minutes before you come in. We sell this amazing product and it works! Some people who experience inflammation or redness use anti inflamatories-but please ask your doctor before taking any medication. After you wax, apply sensitive serum from Matis to the waxed area-we call it The Fire Man because it deffuses redness. In addition, this serum desensitizing the skin over time and is safe enough to apply directly over just waxed areas.

Waxing Hair Removal

Eyebrow Cleanup$20Chin or Cheeks$20
Eyebrow Reshape$40Lip$15
Full Arm$45Lower Leg$38
Half Arm$28Upper Leg$45
Full Face no eyebrows$45Full Leg$68
Full Face w/eyebrows$55Underarm$24
Partial Back or sides$38Bikini$38
Full Back$58French Bikini$48
Chest$50Brazilian Bikini$58
Full Brazilian$68Buttocks$38
Blue Brazilian$88

Threading Hair Removal

Eyebrow Clean up$20Chin or Cheeks $20
Eyebrow Reshape$40Lip$15
Full Face w/Eyebrows$55Full Face no Eyebrows$45

Ask about our hair growth stunting treatment and home use products

* Intention: Enjoy the little things, for one day, you may look back and discover they were the big things. *

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