Join us this WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12TH AT 7:00PM With Jerome & Michael Burdi for our very special 12.12.12. Sound Healing & Meditation.

On this powerful night of numerical alignment we will set our intentions before the meditation by writing them down. During the meditation, participants will feel the sound vibration of 12 ceremonial Gongs.

Sound and especially music have a profound effect on the physical body. With the right intention and atmosphere, sounds will be created to accelerate physical healing, boost the immune system and provide a release leading to reintegration of self. The meditation will start with some simple yoga and breathing exercises to prepare the body. Then gentle sounds will come in to build simple rhythms, leading to personalized healing in the form of drumming over the energy centers or chakras. Didgeridoo, Tibetan bowls & bells are also used in this way.

After the meditation, we will burn the written intentions together, setting them free into the Universe. The evening will conclude with a Tea Tasting & light refreshments.

December 2012 is the time of a global consciousness shift, a time where people must choose whether to be on the side of compassion and love or on the side of nearsightedness and fear. It is in our power to choose love. Everything we’ve done, everything our ancestors have done, has led us to this moment. When we change ourselves, we change the world. When everyone changes themselves, the world shifts. The time is now. Awaken…

90 Minutes   $30 per person.

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