Prenatal Care


Pre-Natal Care

Celebrate the miracles of pregnancy and motherhood<r> with Wellness Treatments


This organic facial balances skin conditions caused by fluctuating hormonal imbalances for both pre and post natal. Includes: Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Neck & Arms to reduce swelling and puffiness. Specialists are trained for prenatal massage and contradictions.


60 Minutes


Our highly trained, certified and licensed specialists help alleviate pressure on the joints, lower back pain & encourage hormone regulation. Specialty lymphatic drainage light touch leg massage safely and effectively reduce swelling in the legs and feet by draining fluid without using potentially harmful pressure. Relax and improve circulation to improve health and wellness of mom and baby


60 Minutes


90 Minutes


Pregnancy is a wonderful time to enjoy the miracle of creating life. Unfortunately, this time can take a toll on the body leading to pain, swelling and hormonal imbalances. Make this a special time and allow yourself to be pampered so you can feel your best! Ask about Series Savings Packages for additional savings.

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