We have the Whitening treatment which helps lighten dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This treatment leaves skin looking and feeling translucent and is safe enough for most skin types. Try our White Mask weekly to help correct problems between visits.


Just contact us and reserve an appointment. You do not need to bring anything with you; we supply robes, towels, & slippers. All you have to do is show up. Although we will try to accommodate anyone who walks in for an appointment, we recommend reserving time. This will insure we have availability for the services you are looking for. Furthermore, if you have special concerns we will have the time to make sure you are booked with appropriate therapists.

At The Green Spa, you can even pick the therapist you feel will provide you with the most beneficial treatments. We have put together a complete listing of our therapists; please see Meet The Therapists to learn how diverse our staff is. This listing will help introduce you to the staff before you make your appointment. So, be comfortable when scheduling your session.

If you have a gift card or certificate, please have it on hand when requesting an appointment. If it is your first time, we require a valid credit card to hold your reservation. Please see cancellation policies.

If you wish to receive our special offers, sign up and we will email or mail them to you. This may help if you are looking for seasonal treatments or looking for the perfect gift for someone for any occasion.

You may call, come in or request your next appointment online. If you are looking to purchase a gift certificate, you may call, stop in or request one online. Please allow 24 hours for email confirmation of appointments requested online. Until we contact you via email or phone, the appointment will not be valid.


We have many types of massage; Medical which may help alleviate aches & pains, Swedish massage which is for Relaxation. Deep tissue massage is recommended for stressed out bodies and to get out the “knots”. Hot Stone Massage is for relaxation and a unique warming massage that has to be experienced. Therapists heat up smooth lava stones and massage you from head to toe with them.

Keep in mind that these treatments are done on the full body and your therapist will be using oils & creams on your skin. Although you will be undressed, our therapists are professionals and are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We provide a towel that will cover you so you do not feel exposed.
Feel uncomfortable being undressed but would love to experience a massage? Opt for a Shiatsu; it is extremely relaxing & balancing for the entire body. This massage is done over your clothes without oils. You should dress comfortably; we recommend sweats, shorts or stretchy clothing.

Reflexology which is usually preformed on the feet is a great massage for balancing the entire body, believe it or not. It is also great as an introduction to massage because it is not preformed on the whole body. This is an excellent treatment to add to a facial or body treatment without having to add extra time to your session.


All of our Massage Therapists are New York State Licensed LMT’s (Licensed Massage Therapists) and are trained to help with medical conditions. We can even work with your Doctor or Chiropractor to help you overcome pain and injury. Your Medical Massage may even be covered by your medical plan.

Can I have massage during pregnancy? You absolutely can after your first trimester. During your second and third trimesters, schedule a Pre-Natal massage with our special pillow that allows you to lie face down! The only time we may make an exception during the first trimester is with a written referral from your doctor. Feel free to email, call or stop in with particular questions regarding your conditions, we will be glad to help.


There are many types of facials, which are customized to your skin type and concerns.

Your therapist takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes evaluating, cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steaming, extracting your pores, applying corrective masks, stimulating massage and creating balance with creams & serums to bring your skin to a state of normalcy. To achieve maximum results, one of the most important things you can do is take care your skin between treatments. Your therapist can recommend the best skin care regimen for you. If you are not happy with the results of your current skin care routine, schedule a free consultation and see the difference our treatments & products can have on your skin. If you cannot decide what type of treatment is right for you, just schedule for a facial and our therapist will recommend the most beneficial treatment for you. To browse our treatments, go to Menu of Services for more detailed information. Below you will find an over view of some of our most popular treatments.

If you are looking for the newest treatment for anti aging may we suggest the Ultimate in facial treatments, Total Care Youth Unique Caviar Facial & Hand Treatment? Please allow about 90 minutes for this intense facial. We use marine acids, caviar & collagen to plump, firm, tone and bring youth to aging skin. This treatment concentrates on diminishing lines, wrinkles and dehydrated skin. Our 4 Layer Lift concentrates on lifting and toning flaccid skin, Total Care, Collagen Facial specifically treats lines & wrinkles.


Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion is a holistic option for modern skin care technology. It provides a gentle yet effective mechanical peeling of the skin using micro diamond shaped wands to slough off dead cells. You are not left with messy residue from traditional crystal treatments. The DIAMOND PEEL treatment is fast and pain free, leaving little or no redness. It helps treat the following condition: * Aging and sun damaged skin. * Acne scarring and acne. * Skin pigmentation marks * Stretch marks. * Character and lip lines * Enlarged pores. Don’t settle for crystals; ask for a diamond microdermabrasion – this treatment will be your new best friend!


Are you searching for a liquid Peel, you can choose our Vitamin C 8 day peel-where your facial is only the beginning of the effect- you receive an 8 day pure Vitamin C peel to use at home. Give us a week and C the results for yourself. Glycolic 40% intense clinical strength peel, AHA Alpha Hydroxy Acid peel and if you are extremely sensitive, opt for the fruit enzyme peel. All of these treatments exfoliate dead skin cells, fights lines & wrinkles and gives your skin a new glow.

We offer Facials for the most sensitive skin-Soothing Stone Facial and our very own Delicate & Sensitive Facial. We offer these Delicate & Sensitive Facials for those of you who have extremely sensitive, irritated, burning, itching, & break outs from over stimulation of harsh products or for those of you who prefer a delicate touch and a treatment safe enough for rosacia. There are so many products for exfoliation, acid based products and peeling products that can actually create sensitivity in your skin. We can help correct and control these problems with treatments and home care. A simple routine can bring comfort and relief back to your life as your complexion receives the treatment it deserves. If you suffer from redness & irritation, try our Delicate Serum or Fireman as we call it.

If you have oily skin you will love our ACN or Acne Control Oil Balancing treatment. This will balance excess oils on skin, minimize open pores, diminish blemishes, calm inflammation, correct irritated skin from over exfoliation & acne problems and is safe enough for teens. Mattify and soothe your skin today. Ask about our mandarin paste at home spot treatment for breakouts. Amazing!


Of coarse! These treatments are for cleansing the skin, extracting all of the gunk from your pores and protection from signs of aging. Men, you like to take care of yourselves, even if you don’t want to admit it. We’ve made it easy, & don’t even call them facials. For a no nonsense cleansing treatment, may we recommend our Barber Shop New Skin Treatment. This is a deep pore face cleansing using steaming hot towels.

If you are stressed out and your skin needs oxygen, the best cleansing treatment for you would be our Men’s Anti Stress Treatment. This is a stimulating, steaming, massaging, peppermint cleansing. We see no reason for you to be left in the dark ages, come in & see what we can do for you. There is no need for you to fuss around with soap, shampoo, conditioner etc.- all made for women’s needs. We have a simple all in one hair and body wash – most popular among men. If you are a city dweller, like us, try our oxygen serum – it’ll give your skin and your ego a boost!


We use sensitive skin poetic wax or aromatherapy wax, which is less irritating than traditional wax. We have special strip less wax to use on your most sensitive areas.

Do not irritate the area with perfumes or perfumed products prior to waxing. Some people, who experience inflammation or redness use anti-inflamatories, but please ask your doctor before taking any medication. After you wax, apply sensitive serum from Matis to the area. We call it The Fire Man because it deffuses redness. In addition, this serum desensitizing the skin over time and is safe enough to apply directly over just waxed areas.

Many clients use a product called RELAX AND WAX NO SCREAM CREAM to ease the pain/discomfort up to 80%. NO SCREAM CREAM is a topical anesthetic lotion that absorbs into the skin and will not interfere with your waxing service. Apply 30 to 45 minutes prior to your waxing and relax. NO SCREAM CREAM is not messy, greasy, nor will it harm your clothing. You will never want to be waxed again without it.


We now offer a post waxing treatment called Pile-Poil that takes seconds to apply. This product is shown to lessen re-growth time, thickness and amount. Although we would love to see you all the time, we are in the business of making your life easier. So, if you can stretch out time between sessions, we don’t mind. For more effective results, you can also purchase this product to use at home.

If you are on ACUTANE or taking Retin A products, don’t wax, opt for Threading hair removal instead. This is a method of using a thread like product to remove the hair without irritating the skin.

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