Our Story


Our Story

Thank you for continuing to BELIEVE in The Green Spa & Wellness Center for over two decades! We are pioneers and leaders in the health and wellness industry.

Opening in April of 1998, our family of women entrepreneurs started on our journey to create something different. We couldn’t have expected such ongoing community support & trust for all these years.  We know our success does not happen without YOU, our loyal guests!  Your patronage and referrals have helped us secure the best-dedicated Team Based group of Licensed Professionals, pledging to bring you the very best quality services that you have come to expect.

This year more than ever, we felt we owed it to you to let you know a little more about where your dollars are going, what we care about, and who we really are when you chose to support The Green Spa & Wellness Center.

3 Floor Luxury Wellness Center Family Owned and Operated

We Care About Your Whole Life

Our team’s dedication to our 5 core values of honesty, trust, respect, love, and financial growth keeps our company growing more and more each year.

Since our opening, we have expanded to bring you New York’s very first Green and Eco-Conscious Wellness Center And Day Spa.  Our 3-floor luxury wellness center has 14 treatment rooms with a duo Treatment Suite for couples, partners, and friends to enjoy side-by-side treatments.

When you choose Wellness, Organic, and Vegan Products and services with us, remember you are also purchasing from a small business making a big difference- with an even bigger heart.  Green Spa CARES enough to continuously support local charities and organizations that are making a real difference in our community. Green Spa CARES enough to hire, train, and support local employees (mostly women and many local moms) who we are honored to share our incredible 3-floor luxury center with.

Our therapists are trained and skill-certified by us so you may have peace of mind knowing that our therapists deliver the same quality of services you have come to expect from us. We care about our employees who care about you! We support them with continuing education classes, workshops, meetings, and training so they have all of the training and education they need to pass on to you. There are many places for you to choose to spend your hard-earned money and especially your time which we believe wholeheartedly is your greatest and most valuable asset!

Our “Green Spa Cares Guarantee” ensures the services and products recommended by our dedicated team are done so with the highest level of knowledge and with the utmost integrity. During each visit, you will experience an education, an in-depth customized consultation, and recommendations that aren’t motivated by commission. A commission-starved sales team is tacky and does not represent our customized local brand, LEGEND Of The Spa. We believe with the right products, you can create a legendary skin care experience and be the Legend that you are each and every day. Since we run a completely commission-free environment, our recommendations and product education are genuine and from the heart so you can shop with trust and confidence.

The selections on our shelves are based on our obsession to have the very best!  We listen to your requests year after year and source the products you love or we make them ourselves- it’s that simple!  Alongside our talented team, we bring you our very own line of natural and vegan products that are result-oriented and naturally amazing. Our line, LEGEND of The Spa is the very best vegan, organic, and natural line of skin care that provides the results you want and need.  But don’t take our word for it; try them yourself.  Take home the LEGEND today! Our signature Pink Lotus Radiation Recovery Cream is also available at MSK Sloan and Dr. Kehoe Surgical Oncologist to name a few.

We are dedicated to creating lasting changes in your whole life, not just with your skin and body. Join one of our many workshops and alternative treatment offerings, many of our specialties are simply not being offered in the area. They are unique and many are described as being “life-changing.”

Green Spa CARES about your wellness & health.  Come in and experience a Doterra essential oils sensory journey to learn about the helping and healing powers found in nature. We care about your happiness and host Wellness Circles, Reiki Circles, Aromatherapy, Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology Classes, and Hypnosis and offer Zoom experiences as well as in person.

Our sister company, Transformational Gangstas offers Mindset Mastery Mentoring / Life Coaching to support those who are ready to live their best life to its fullest potential. Recently awarded and named BEST LIFE COACHING in Brooklyn, we are on a mission to prove that YOU are JUST ONE THOUGHT AWAY from a whole new way of living. In order to prove our theory and help one million minds experience their very own transformation, we offer complimentary discovery calls and consultations on Zoom.

Everyone who has been in or on our social media lately can literally feel the #GreenSpaCares difference. Come in today, check us out on Facebook and Instagram or any of the popular social media platforms, and feel the difference. If you haven’t been in lately, I invite you to come on back and visit us! See how we’ve changed and grown over the years and re-experience our passion for who we really are and who we have become.  As we grow and transform through the years, we invite you to transform with us.

We offer complimentary consultations for our newest cutting-edge services such as Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery, Bridal and Special Occasion Makeup, Feng Shui /Chinese Astrology Services, Mentoring and coaching Programs, Carboderm and dermapen Facials, Medical Massage, Pre/Post Natal and Custom Massage Packages just to name a few of our specialties.



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