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Appreciated & recognized for the quality of our products & services, The Green Spa is regularly featured in the press.

October, 2018 —
Green Spa Founder on Tea Time with Tee Podcast By Theresa Persaud
Good Energy with Sheila Brody, CEO and Founder of The Green Spa & Wellness Center

January, 2018 —
Dime Bank Best of Brooklyn 2018
Best Day Spa
Best Skin Care
Best Massage

August, 2016 —
Named Top 20 Best Day Spa in NYC 2016 by
We Looked at 1,705 Day Spas in New York and Picked the Top 20

February, 2015 —
The World’s Most Beautiful Spa Rooms
Spirituality Loft at Green Spa and Wellness Center, Brooklyn, NY

February 19, 2014 —
The 10 Best Spas In NYC
Best of Gothamist favorite spas

August 8, 2013 —
How to Lash Out: The Guide to Beautiful Eyes
you shouldn’t get lashes unless you get the premium ones…

July 29, 2012 —
The Green Spa and Wellness Center lives up to its name…
An insider’s guide to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

January 27, 2012 —
Senator Golden Honors Brooklyn Spa Named Best In America
Senator Golden Honors…

January 23, 2012 —
TimeOut New York: Spa treatments by purpose: Where to relax, recharge, detox, soothe winter skin and more.
The Green Spa & Wellness Center: Organic Revital Eyes

January, 2012 —
DAYSPA’s 2012 Top Honors

January, 2012 —
Top Wellness Center: Green Spa and Wellness Center in Brooklyn, NY

November, 2011 —
The 5 star write up about the green spa and wellness center. Check it out.
New York Green Spa Getaways—The Epoch Times

February, 2011 —
The Green Spa name 1 of 8 Awesomely-Vegan-Friendly Day Spas in the U.S.
8 Awesomely-Vegan-Friendly Day Spas in the U.S.

February, 2011 —
The Green Spa is featured for our exclusive vegan products and services in TimeOut Magazine
Vegan style guide to NYC

February, 2011 —
The Green Spa featured in Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Green Spa Sponsors Workshop Titled ‘Empowering By Mentoring’

February, 2011 —
The Green Spa featured in BECOMING BROOKLYN
Indulge at Green Spa

October, 2010 —
The Green Spa featured in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa magazine
Urban Eco Sanctuary

September, 2010 —
The Green Spa mentioned on the SpaFinder website
Gorgeous Deal Days

April, 2010 —
Read about Maria Ingardia and Sheila Brody of The Green Spa working together to improve students’ health and wellness.
5 NYC collaborations to make students healthier

April, 2010 —
The Green Spa & Wellness Center is featured in Time Out New York’s article about Spa Week!
Sample sales and shopping events

February, 2010 —
Green Spa Appearance: Sheila Brody from The Green Spa & Wellness Center is speaking on behalf of the Day Spa Association about the beauty of going green. Tuesday Feb. 2, 9-10:30 AM at the International Gift Show

November, 2009 — Eco-Friendly and Green Spas

October, 2009 —
FOX 5 NY: Spa Dollars

May, 2009 —
Yoga Dork: Brooklyn School Adds Yoga to Extra-Curriculum…

April, 2009 —
The New York Optimist: Around Town Weekly

April, 2009 —
Spa Supplement

April, 2009 —
State of Indulgence: Six Top Spots for New York Spa Week

March, 2009 —
Public Invited To Expo Of Leading Business Women in Bay Ridge

March, 2009 —
First travel green website worldwide case study

February, 2009 —
Around Town – Valentine’s Day Events: The talk of the town this Valentine’s Day

February, 2009 —
Spa Week Blog: In the Big Apple, Green is Golden

November, 2008 —
Om for an Hour: Luxe Relaxation without the Guilt

November, 2008 —
‘Brooklyn Leaders Announce Local Shopping Initiative’ (See us on NY1 Now!)

November, 2008 —
Merchants of Third Avenue Pioneers Reception ‘A Smashing Success’

November, 2008 —
Neighborhood Beat : The View From Bay Ridge (show)

October, 2008 —
Commercial FOx Five Segment: Bay Bridge Brooklyn Green Spa

October, 2008 —
Citysearch New York: The Spa & Wellness Center – Green Spa

October, 2008 —
You Tube Video: The Spa & Wellness Center – Green Spa NY

October, 2008 —
Time Out New York KIDS: Block Candy

August, 2008 —
Spa-News >> Green Spa Opens Bay Ridge NY – The Spa and Wellness Center/Green Spa New York

August, 2008 —
Urban Environmentalist NYC: The Spa and Wellness Center Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

August, 2008 —
Sheila Brody Third Avenue Merchant Pioneer Brooklyn

August, 2008 —
Real Estate Brooklyn coverage Bay Ridge Eagle Brooklyn, 2007 NY information :: daily paper in Brooklyn

August, 2008 —
Urban Environmentalist NYC: The Spa

August, 2008 —
Spa and Wellness Center offers blissed-out sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple

July, 2008 —
Stock up at The Spa & Wellness Center at The Spa & Wellness Center – Time Out New York

June 26, 2008 —
Show Bay Ridge’s Green Spa Some Love, Vote for Best Green Spa

June 2, 2008 —
First Annual Gowanus Goes Green: Fun

May 15, 2008 —
Patriotic Spa
Home Reporter

May 15, 2008 —
Green Spa Owner Pioneer
Home Reporter

May 14, 2008 —
The Spa Walks Green Carpet
Home Reporter

May 8, 2008 —
Merchants of Third Avenue Announce 2008 Pioneers

May 7, 2008 —
Green Spa’s Earth Day commemoration
Caribean Life

May 4, 2008 —
Green Spa Opens Bay Ridge NY – The Spa and Wellness Center/Green Spa New York

April 28, 2008 (turn to p.22)—
There Once was Spas & Now Green Spas

April 24, 2008 —
Bay Ridge’s ‘Green Spa’ Grand Opening

April 24, 2008 —
>Bay Ridge’s ‘Green Spa’ Hailed as Brooklyn’s ‘Eco-Pioneer’ Business
Brooklyn Eagle

December 13–26, 2007 —
Smells. Cinnamon & Clove

November 29, 2007 —
Spa, Wellness Center Goes Green
Home Reporter

November 29, 2007 —
New York’s First ‘Green’ Concept Spa… Right Here in Bay Ridge!
In Brooklyn

November 27, 2007 —
Treat her right this year with the city’s most gift-able spa treatments

November 15, 2007 —
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle . . . Rejuvenate?

September 21, 2007 —
The Green Guide

September 11, 2007 —
Cool Mayors, Green Cities, and Strong Leadership

August 8, 2007 —
Going Green in NYC


2007 — At Home With Josh Dorfman, Organic Spa Magazine

May 18, 2007 — SPAVELOUS

May 21, 2005 — Beauty

May 21, 2005 — Summer color

February 24, 2003 — Spa Report 2005

February 24, 2003 — Cuckoo For Cocoa

March 4, 2002 — Spa Report 2002

March 4, 2002 — Roman Holiday

March 26, 2001 — Beauty

March 26, 2001 — Spring Ahead



He may call himself “The Lazy Environmentalist,” but with a brand new book, nationally syndicated radio show, and home furnishings business, this guy is busier than ever promoting the green lifestyle.

Who: Josh Dorfman, founder and CEO of Vivavi, a company that represents and retails eco-friendly furniture designers and home furnishings. Dorfman is also the creator and host of The Lazy Environmentalist, a nationally broadcast radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio’s LIME network.

Where: Brooklyn, New York

Why: Because he brings wit and style to green living. Because of his enthusiasm and his desire to teach others that being environmentally aware is easier and more attainable than ever. Because he has just published The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide to Easy, Stylish, Green Living (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $14.95), an info-packed book that details hundreds of eco-friendly products and services.

Organic Spa: How, when, and why did you come up with “The Lazy Environmentalist?”

Josh Dorfman: In January 2005, I moved Vivavi, my eco-friendly furniture and furnishings company, from Washington, DC to Brooklyn, New York. My one employee at the time was helping me move and as this was our last day working together, she took the opportunity to point out all of my less-than-stellar environmental practices in my personal life that had been bothering her for the past year and a half. To reconcile the fact that I retail beautifully designed eco-friendly products with the fact that I take really long showers, despite my awareness of their environmental impact in terms of water and energy usage, I coined the term “lazy environmentalist” on my blog and wrote an honest assessment of my approach to environmental activism. I care about the planet and will make environmentally responsible choices provided they are convenient and fit my lifestyle, so I constantly search for green choices that are easy and attractive to make.

OS: What does “organic” mean to you?

JD: Consciousness and health. It means being conscious of our purchasing and lifestyle decisions and taking steps to be healthier in our bodies, our homes, and our environment.

OS: How is your philosophy reflected in your home?

JD: My home runs on 100 percent wind power directly through my power utility, Con Edison Solutions. If you go to you’ll find a power provider near you that offers similar options. I live in my eco-friendly furniture showroom, so all of my furniture and furnishings are healthier for me and for the environment. The only drag is that I have to make my bed everyday since it’s for sale. I clean my home with Method Cleaning products because I love the design of the bottles and the cleaning solutions are non-toxic and biodegradable. I’ve also installed a low-flow showerhead from Oxygenics in my bathroom to limit the harm caused by my super-long showers. It’s the best I can do for now because the shower is where I do my best thinking.

OS: What do you hope readers take away from your book?

JD: That green living is possible today. That the most exciting innovation happening in nearly every industry that touches our lives is eco-friendly innovation. That a new set of eco-friendly choices is available that we not only can make, but also will really want to make once we know about the possibilities. This is not about making a little change here or there to become more environmentally conscious. The point to me is that we can all make massive changes in our lives to be more environmentally conscious because often these really are the best choices available to us. This is the new paradigm shift underway in green living and these are the choices that I present in my book.

OS: Do you go to spas?

JD: Very rarely, though The Spa and Wellness Center, the first green spa in New York City, just opened in Brooklyn and I’m looking forward to becoming a regular.

OS: What is your favorite room at home, and why?

JD: It’s my makeshift patio outside my bedroom window that is really just the roof of the business below my apartment. It’s about a six-by-six foot space where I’ve installed one of our Loll Adirondack chairs. Behind my row of apartment buildings are trees and individual gardens, so it’s a very calm and meditative spot for me. I usually wake up and crawl out my window to work and gather my thoughts for a couple of hours before heading into Manhattan to do my radio show.

OS: What does your ideal green home look like?

JD: I like many styles of architecture, so I’m less concerned with what it looks like than with how I feel inside it. I want it to be spacious and uncluttered and yet at the same time warm and inviting. I know it receives massive amounts of daylight from tall windows and has a phenomenal outdoor terrace because I love the concept of indoor-outdoor living as long I don’t have to be inside a tent. I also love the concept of negative energy homes that produce more energy than they consume, so this kind of thinking is very much part of my ideal green home.

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