Green Mission


Green Mission



We have been inspired by the natural beauty of the four corners of our earth. Combining elegance with the dedication to respect our environment, we have enhanced our Wellness Center decor through the use of natural products, colors, and textures. Our co-founder Sheila Brody designed the entire space according to and by following the traditions of Feng Shui.

Our Green Movement is dedicated to

Spirituality • Personal Care • Awareness

We proudly present the first and only full service, luxury Green Spa in the city. The go green initiative is the beginning of an important new shift in the way we treat our surrounding world. Our ongoing mission as a leader of this cause is to learn, share, protect and heal through education & to lead by example.

Professional, licensed, and dedicated staff members are committed to bringing “Wellness” to you & your environment today, tomorrow and beyond!


We Chose

  • Recycled paper for our menu of services, business cards & shopping bags.
  • Recycled and energy efficient material to be used during our construction process.
  • Recycled denim (as seen on “Toolbelt Diva on HGTV”) to insulate our walls
  • And environmentally friendly paints and clays from the earth that actually repel dust!

You can breathe deeply with confidence knowing we have air-purifying systems in place, reducing pollution throughout the center. Say good-bye to allergens while you are here. Our high efficiency special wash system helps to eliminate bacteria on our linens- how many spas can say that? — We couldn’t find one! Plumbing has been installed without the use of any PVC plastic pipes. The Spa is proud to announce that we have installed dual flush toilets where possible to further conserve. Our bathroom tiles were glued, grouted and sealed without harming Mother Nature! Our wellness center will be kept immaculate through the use of non-toxic cleaning products.

Lighting — illuminated with energy efficient bulbs — our renovated, vintage chandeliers are gems. We left as much natural light coming into the space as possible.

Our Education, Workshop & Movement Studio features an awe inspiring Buddha mural which was made by hand from a local artist using non-toxic chemicals or glues. Because bamboo is a plant, it grows much faster than trees. This was an obvious choice for the flooring in our movement studio. We will also plant 100 trees in order to replace any necessary building materials used in this venture.

Professional, licensed, and dedicated staff members are committed to bringing “Wellness” to you & your environment today, tomorrow and beyond! EVEN OUR WEBSITE IS GREEN! Our site is powered by 100% wind energy. We chose to have our site hosted in an eco-friendly data center.

The Renewable Energy Certificates from our site’s data center prevent the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year. The estimated yearly benefit to the environment is equivalent to planting ~2,390 acres of trees or not driving 6.1 million miles.

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