Experience the Legend of aromatherapy at its best!









As we turn the clocks back, it reminds us of longer nights and the fleeting daylight hours. Furthermore, it reminds us how precious it is to take time for ourselves, or a personal time out to re-connect, re-new and revitalize ourselves! At The Green Spa & Wellness Center, we embrace this Season filled with Metal or Lung Energy by enhancing our olfactory system. It is the perfect time to open our minds, please our senses, warm our bodies & melt our souls as we prepare for the crisper weather that is upon us. Stop in today to find out more about our exclusive line of essential oils, blends, body scrubs and products for you to create a warm & healthy season for the only body you have. Breathe easy this fall & warm up with our top treatments of the season…


Experience the Legend of aromatherapy at its best!

Schedule an Aromatherapy Treatment or Massage with us during the month of November with one of our Green Spa certified Aroma Therapists who will customize essential oil combinations to soothe you from head to toe. We will educate you on how to fight off flu’s, open your sinuses, relax your mind, calm your space & inspire time for meditation and treat specific concerns and conditions you have naturally.

Experience this treatment enhancement complimentary with your next massage or body scrub through the end of November. Must be requested at time of booking and booked with                             certified therapist.   


Add our exclusive Legend Aromatherapy enhancement to the following…

Massage, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Cupping, Thai Stretching Massage or Hot Stone Massage- The warmth of hot stones penetrating down the spine is the perfect way to integrate heat into massage. It is particularly wonderful during Autumn as a way to increase circulation and warm the body during the treatment.

Ayurvedic Crown Ritual Massage-

This is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment, designed to calm the mind and create space for inner & outer healing. During the treatment, essential oils are warmed and drizzled onto the forehead. During cooler months, it warms the body and clears the mind.


Massage & Glow- Australian Eucalyptus Salt Glow, Sugar Scrub or Corn Meal Polish scrubs are customized with Aromatherapy Oils and sloth off the dead layers from your body’s third lung, your skin- Organically! Ahhhhh


Warming Body Wraps- These treatments are designed to leave your body detoxified & hydrated from head to toe. Feel true hydration at its best… Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate to treat skin & body all season long.


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