An Invitation from the Universe

This is an invitation from the universe to join me, Sheila Brody, The Founder of The Green Spa & Wellness Center on an amazing journey toward enlightenment this week on Thursday Evening  12-20-12.

Everyone has been talking about this dreaded December 21st, or last day recorded on the Mayan Calendar. I kept hearing about this date and hearing everyone’s philosophies, thoughts and ideas of what was going to happen to us. Is this really the end of our existence, predicted thousands of years ago? Written in the stars? So I had to go and see for myself and ask someone, but Who to ask, who has these answers?

The Mayans do of coarse, so off I go to Tulum Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula- The Birthplace of the Mayan Calendar, the so-called date associated with “the end of the world”.  My Journey started when I received an invitation to speak about The Powers of Feng Shui & to facilitate group morning meditations aboard the first inaugural Law of Attraction Cruise Conference.  We spent a life-changing week aboard The Jewel of The Seas and sailed across the Deep Blue, empowering others and teaching the art of LETTING GO OF NEGATIVITY! Think & act positively and watch all your negative behaviors, life circumstances and people fall by the waste side. We literally cast away fear, anxiety, self-doubt and replaced those feelings with confidence, trust and clarity. What a better date than 12-12-12 to visit the Mayan Ruins and spend time with the indigenous people and get all the answers we all have been in search of to share with all of you!

Won’t you join us this Thursday, on the eve of the Winter Solstice & the last day of old thinking and behavior as we welcome in the positivity, enlightenment and Powerful New Beginnings within!

This Meditative Acupuncture Circle & Workshop draws upon the powerful transformative energy of the Winter Solstice, delving deeply into the theme of letting go of the old and initiating change to bring in the new. Participants will benefit from a unique blend of healing modalities, including a Classical Acupuncture treatment, within the enhanced energy of the group, fostering clarity and insight into what you truly want to attract into your Life. The symbolism of the Tarot will be explored through guided meditation, as a way to gain access to your gifts and deepest potential. In this space of profound healing, you will be supported to move forward into the New Year with a deeper connection to your Self, and with renewed purpose and energy.

The workshop will open with the ringing of Tibetan bells and Meditation at 7pm on 12-20-12, please arrive early.  A tea ceremony is included offering an ancient Daoist formula for self-transformation.

Acupuncture Workshop/Circles are 2 Hours in length, 7pm-9pm

$65 per person, series of 5 life changing circles $325 or $55 each. 

by Sheila Brody

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