Art+Yoga Workshop: Greys Yoga with Patricia Buraschi

JANUARY 19TH @ 7:00 PM
This motivational workshop is the perfect way to begin the new year! Greys Yoga is an art and yoga workshop that aims to bring awareness of the wide range of opportunities in peoples lives. Greys Yoga exists in between the extremes of black and white where most people tend to focus on while going through extreme moments in their lives. This workshop will show that each individual has the power to shape and create the lifestyle they once dreamed of. Yoga Mat may be as the canvas, using non toxic healing clays on the hands and feet as the medium, bodies as the brush and yoga and art as the techniques, participants. create their own new scope of opportunities through Greys Yoga.
120 minutes
$35 in advance
$40 day of event

JANUARY 19TH @ 7:00 PM

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