Cruelty-Free Beauty

A lot of products claim to be vegan and cruelty-free, but they’re not. This blog from a makeup artist outlines exactly what defines vegan: no testing on animals, no animal ingredients in the cosmetics, and more. It’s a great and quick read if you are interested in transitioning from beauty products that test on animals, and have chemicals (including lead) in them.

Here are our staff picks of Vegan beauty products we sell at The Green Spa. No cruelty. No nasty chemicals. All the beauty!

We having been carrying Eminense Cosmetics for years. They can back up their cruelty-free claims and deliver on each product. Here’s are list of Summer shades to bring out the beach babe in you:

Strawberry Kiss Lip gloss! Made with real strawberries and smells like it!


Lavender  Shimmer Body Lotion. All natural, smells like summer, AND… you get a shimmery glow. The moisture is amazing without that sticky, oily feel.

This SPF powder is a pool, beach, and walking around the city must-have. To prevent the signs of aging, you have to wear broad spectrum SPF. This all-in-one loose powder and SPF 30 is amazing. We love it because it gives off a matte finish as opposed to regular suntan lotions.

Jane Iredale eyeshadows are natural and their staying power is the best we’ve seen in vegan lines. The color palettes are natural and accent various skin tones perfectly.


This Jane Iredale Hydration Spray is the tops. In the warm weather it’s important you drink more water and keep your skin dewy fresh!


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