Do You Have These First Signs Of Aging?


Don’t you wish that your skin could stay as young and perfect as it looks today? Well, unless you’ve been dipped in wax or cryogenically frozen, your skin is probably already showing signs of aging or will be soon. Here are the first signs of aging to look for and how to look your best, aging gracefully:

With age, collagen and elastin production slows down so skin loses the ability to bounce back to its original shape. Lines also appear around the eye area because the skin around the eyes is especially delicate. After a lifetime of squinting and everyday eye movements, crow’s feet are usually one of the first signs of aging skin.

How to look your best:
Our new Firm Skin Targeted Treatment delivers an intense dose of actives to specific areas like the eye area. Our Natural Retinol Alternative ingredient firms and smooths the skin while the Botanical Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and plumps, reducing the appearance of fine lines like crow’s feet.

When you grow older, your skin starts to thin and become more translucent (Good Housekeeping). This change in texture results in darker circles under the eye – another initial sign of aging skin.

How to look your best:
Try our Wild Plum Eye Cream which contains wild plum juice – an iron-rich ingredient that brightens the look of skin under the eye. Other key ingredients include shea butter and grape oil for hydration as well as our Biocomplex™ and antioxidant-rich green tea.

Maybe your age spots are a faint sprinkling on your cheeks or summer freckles that are no longer fading in the fall. Examine your cheeks, chest area and hands for these first signs of aging that are caused by a lifetime of sun exposure.

How to look your best:
Our Bright Skin Targeted Treatment controls the look of dark spots using licorice root extract, punarnava and turmeric. The formula includes our Gigawhite™ proprietary blend which reduces the look of uneven skin with skin-brightening alpine plant ingredients.

You can also prevent further age spots by protecting your skin from the sun. Our Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF32 is a fan favorite that hydrates and protects from UVA / UVB / UVC rays.

Like crow’s feet, lines around the mouth are caused by all of our facial expressions and reduced elasticity in our aging, sagging skin (Derm Review). With older skin which is dryer and less elastic, lines and wrinkles in this area are much more obvious the older we get.

How to look your best:
The Firm Skin Targeted Treatment is perfect for tackling lines and wrinkles around your smile as well. Its formulation tightens the skin quickly and delivers intense hydration, making laugh lines much less obvious.

This post was written by Karen Young Chester from Eminence Organics.
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