Feng Shui for New Beginnings Workshop 1/10 @ 7:00PM

2013 is here! What has changed for you from last year? 
Join us for this amazing workshop with Sheila Brody and learn what needs to be changed in your environment in order to highlight your strengths and create balance in your life for this spetacular New Year.   This workshop focuseson the goals that are most important to you and teaches you how to harmonize your home or office in order to create balance within your space and within your life.  We will create a peaceful balance of Yin & Yang in this Acupuncture for Your Space Workshop with positive intensions in a powerful group environment.  Bring a sketch of the area you would like to focus on or an intention for change in your home and or office life.  Join us as we transform our lives together.
90 Minutes $30
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