Feng Shui your Holidays


27 November 2019

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Feng Shui your Holidays

Does your home have an energy problem? Not with your appliances but how the energy flows through your space?

In order to keep your home and life balanced this holiday season, start by mindfully intending your season to be filled with abundance, giving and gratitude.

First, declutter your space. This will help you declutter your mind, calm your thoughts and even improve your cognitive ability and enhance your memory.
Really, Feng Shui clutter in the Northwest area of the home can influence your mental thoughts and ability to make important connections. Keeping the NorthWest area clean, white or very light grey or neutrals. Avoid the color red that can fuel aggravation and no one wants that when inviting family and friends to our homes.

If your hosting the holiday, start by cleaning the stove and making sure all the burners work so good Chi energy can flow freely through your space. Give yourself space by clearing the countertops of seldom-used appliances and utensils. Creating more space for abundance all season long. Take a look at the top of the fridge while you’re at it — dust it off and put away things that create the feeling of clutter. And when’s the last time you checked and purged the front of the fridge? Clear off the magnets and enjoy the feeling of peace you’ve created. I have an idea to share for you to use your refrigerator door for a little bit further along.

Now that you have visual clarity, add a sense of delight with something that makes your home smell wonderful: cider with cloves? Oatmeal cookies? Something that smells delicious in the air. You can offer a smudging ritual, burn some palo santo and spray your space with charged water and essential oils. Clearing and cleansing your space will carry through the entire season. The idea in Feng Shui to create balance is to engage all five senses. Use sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. You can put on earth sounds, crackling fireplace, music and even ring some bells.

Think about making your space look ready to receive the positive energies of the season by adding colors of the season including Red, Burgundy and bright lights. All of which brings up the positive energy. Another Feng Shui tip for preparing your home for the holidays is to add the color Red and the element of Fire.  Think about adding candles to your dining table, to the center of the home and in the South area of the home. Yes it creates ambiance  but did you know that it can enhance your energy this holiday season as well? Look for red candles if you can find them. The fire element can melt old unwanted or negative feelings and actually put people in a good mood. It is a great conversation starter as well as a great hostess gift if you would like to bring something besides more food. Another great hostess gift is to bring yellow mums for fresh energy to someones home.

Giving thanks can be as simple as giving an offering of food or money to someone  in need. Better yet, giving time. Donating your time, money or food just for the fact to give is the best gift you can give to yourself. It is a special time to share.

Feng Shui is really about looking at the balance we have in our lives and in our homes and decluttering from what isn’t working and adding to the energy of what is working.

This year we are moving from the energy of the Earth Pig to the energy of The Metal Rat. It is a time of ending the old and starting new and fresh. It is a time of new beginnings and adding some new Feng Shui Rituals that share gratitude to your holiday season can be your new holiday tradition. Add a mirror to your dining table to welcome the metal rat. It’s a time not to go on autopilot. Re think the way you prepare and celebrate the holiday season and how you will bring in the new year. Do something different, more mindful and start a new mindful tradition.

Let me know what new things you implement this season.


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