Green Spa Mother's Day Gift Guide


04 May 2021

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Green Spa Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is this week and we all know someone that could use a little TLC. Check out our staff product picks for gift ideas! We also have Green Spa Gift Cards and Legend Of the Spa Gift cards available online 24/7!

Eminence Arctic Berry Radiance Moisturizer

Eminence Arctic berry radiance moisturizer is my go-to daily moisturizer. It not only gives me an amazing glow but also helps with dark circles! Two things that are very necessary for me as a new mama – Tiffany 


Eminence Apricot Oil & Tspheres

I use apricot oil during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Helps with stretch marks and leaves your skin very moisturized. I’m a mom so self-care is important. We all find ourselves having poor posture but lets us not make that a habit. I use my Tspheres to alleviate stiffness in my neck shoulders and back. – Lee

Legend Of The Spa Lavender Bath Salts

I was dealing with postpartum joint, muscle pain, and anxiety. I was looking for a natural option for Relief. I love using Legend Of The Spa Lavender Bath Salts! The smell relaxes me and a warm bath eases my stress. Self-care is so important especially as a mother of 2 young children- Kristi


LEGEND OF THE SPA Neroli Moisturizer

LEGEND OF THE SPA Neroli Moisturizer is anti-aging and gives that youthful glow we all desire. The aroma is heavenly and it instantly soothes my skin. The best part is that it’s natural, vegan, and preservative-free. Made in Brooklyn with Love at The Green Spa & Wellness Center. – Maureen



I love Legend of The Spa Tea-Foliant cleanser! By just using it just 2-3 times a week it leaves my skin soft, plump, and clean. It’s so gentle that even people with sensitive skin can use it and one bottle lasts you over a year. – Emma

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