The Green Spa & Wellness Center posed a challenge for our community to re-think the quality of gift giving this holiday season. It was a simple campaign to honor ourselves, our loved ones,  and those around us to give the absolute best possible gift there is to give, something that no one would want to return or take back, something truly cherished this year.

If you think long and hard about the one thing that we never have enough of, the one thing that we could all use a whole lot more of and you will agree that – The Precious gift of Time just could not be beat. We never have enough time, we constantly run out of it, it disappears before we ever have a chance to use it. We often feel guilty about spending time on ourselves or thinking about ourselves.

Since we decided that giving the gift of time would be our pledge to share with our community. We challenged all to either share time with loved ones this holiday season, care for our own time by not exhausting ourselves with the holiday madness and give others a special gift of spending time on themselves.

Our time is so important and we just don’t cherish it enough. How about time to relax, unwind, smooth our bodies and minds-now that may feel downright impossible sometimes! What would be the most relaxing way to unwind and relax this year? Hands down everyone agreed- getting a massage, a relaxing tub soak or an invigorating body scrub and eucalyptus steam shower.

We don’t take time to care for ourselves. So our campaign began and #GreenSpaGiftOfTime was born. This is the perfect chance to spend quality time together; get a couples massage, plan a long overdue reunion with a friends or experience our NEW Dermapen facial with oxygen blast.

How about nominating someone who can’t or won’t care for themselves enough this year. Who could you think of that may never have the opportunity to experience a massage in their entire life? Think about the people in your life that would never spend the money or time on themselves. Think about the elderly in your life that maybe never had a spa service before. Bring a customized self care basket from The Green Spa filled with relaxing bath soak, body butter and soothing oils to an elderly loved one that might not be able to leave the house. How about the pregnant mom who is busy thinking of the emerging little one. At The Green Spa we use organic and vegan products safe for the expecting mom. How about your husband or wife that just deserves some pampering…the list goes on and on.

Maria Ingardia, Co-Owner of The Green Spa showed up to her 90 something year old  grandmothers home on a mission to bring the Spa to her. Grandma was preparing fig cookies like she does every year for the holidays! Maria thought if grandma could just relax while she received a relaxing hand massage or neck massage, that would be the best gift for her. She brought Vegan Legend Body Scrub and Body Oil to soothe her feet and legs along with Deep Blue penetrating Rub for her back and relaxing DoTerra essential oils. When grandma was asked what she wanted this year…She uttered one word to Maria, I wish for more TIME ! We know grandma wasn’t up on trending hash tags and certainly doesn’t know about our campaign. Grandma spoke the true words of what we all wish for and ultimately will run out of – TIME!


Share your story of someone who deserves #GreenSpaGiftOfTime!

Even if you aren’t able to send them in, we want to hear about the special people you know who deserve a little relaxation, our treat.

Green Spa will choose the lucky winner of a Complimentary #GreenSpaGiftOfTime

Experience of their choice on December 31st, 2016.

Look out on our page as we announce the winner!

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HASHTAG #GreenSpaGiftOfTime

TAG @thegreenspa & The person you would like to nominate.

WRITE a brief comment below nominating someone special who deserves a #GreenSpaGiftOfTime Experience & tell us why under the contest post.

SHARE/REPOST contest on your Social Media Account (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter)

DEADLINE is December 31st, 2016

What about your own time? What is that worth during this holiday season? As the last few shopping days approach, make the pledge not to exhaust your our own precious time with waiting on long lines or stressing to get the last minute package shipped. Don’t use your time to shop, wrap or stress. Share your time with family and friends – with just a few clicks and we can share the gift of time with everyone on our list.

The Green Spa has valet parking all week, our online gift card center is open 24 hours a day and gift cards can be emailed to everyone on your list. Order A gift certificate or a beautiful self care basket on the phone and your gift will be awaiting your pick up any time, curbside delivery available as well – just ask!

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