Heal your body inside and outside with our new Facial Rejuvenation!

The Green Spa & Wellness Center and our expert Sound Healing practitioner Joule L’Adara will be introducing a unique Facial Rejuvenation treatment that is as incredibly healing as it is deeply relaxing. Joule uses Tuning Forks on specific parts on your face that will spark a variety of improvements both inside and outside. Unlike many other facial treatments, this Tuning Fork Facial uses a multifaceted process of acupuncture, sound waves, and chakric energy systems to revitalize, re-energize, and regrow that feeling of youth. Let’s go through a brief explanation of exactly what this process does and has to offer.

A variety of points on the face including the chin, neck, jowls and eyelids will be lifted and toned by Two Tuning forks placed on the face. Changing the intervals of the forks will give different results: lifting, toning, or dispersing. Acutonics® facials are known to increase circulation, decrease wrinkles, and stimulate collagen and cells, giving an overall glow and improved skin tone. Conditions such as puffiness or dark circles under the eye can also be remedied with this treatment. For anyone with a TMJ disorder, rejoice! This Tuning Fork Treatment will also relax the tension in your jaw.

While the tuning forks will be applied to certain points and regions on the face, it will also target specific acupuncture and acupressure points to access the body’s meridian and chakric energy systems. The vibrations of the forks sound will travel deep in the body along energy pathways and reach places not easily accessed by traditional medicine. What this means for you is stimulation of energy in the body that you may have not felt in a long time. The Facial Soundscapes procedure is a whole body healing experience as the forks stimulate meridians that correspond to internal organs which in turn affect the appearance of the face. This is the ultimate rejuvenation facial for the inside and the outside.

Results can be seen after just three treatments; the results are cumulative and require 10-12 treatments for major improvement. Results on the inside will be felt on your first session. The Green Spa & Wellness Center is proud to share with you this wonderfully refreshing Facial Rejuvenation treatment that is sure to heal you unlike anything else. Stop by and try out this process today!

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