Spend this Christmas shining bright with our Glow Package

Are you enjoying the holiday season? We think you’re ready to peel back the worries of tomorrow and bring back the Glow to your skin. Our Holiday Glow Package combines multiple treatments that will make you shine like a star. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ll do for you.

Your body sheds dead skin at a faster rate than you think. Washing your body doesn’t do a good enough job in removing dead skin cells. Our Volcanic Black Sand Body Exfoliation will make you feel new again. The cooled lava that’s been converted into tiny black sand will exfoliate your dull dry skin and deeply hydrate, soothe and revitalize anyone. If you need to peel back the worries of tomorrow and brush off all the dirt of the present, then this exfoliating treatment was made for you.

Our Warm Ginger Clay Body Wrap is the key to getting rid of the toxicity of the past. First we’ll heat up the body and improve your circulation Then we will begin the detoxifying process. All the toxins and impurities of yesterday will be flushed out. Your skin will appear more toned and defined and aching tired muscles will be relieved and refreshed. Not only does the body wrap have a toning effect on your skin but it has a slimming effect as well.

Lastly our Warm Ginger Hydration Treatment and Scalp Renewal Treatment will rejuvenate your skin and scalp, truly making you stand out. The Warm Ginger will replenish moisture and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Our Scalp Treatment will remove shampoo and conditioner build up, and relieve the dry and flaky tight skin. Together these final treatments will bring out that Glow that you always knew was there.

Stop by the Green Spa this holiday season for this ultimate Glow Package. Click here to Book Now!

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