How to Lash Out: The Guide to Beautiful Eyes

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Over the last few years a few of my girlfriends had gotten eyelash extensions and looked like the hot human equivalent of Bambi. I once stopped a complete stranger in Grand Central Station to ask, “Did you get lashes?” She, holding her Venti green tea from the ‘Bucks, beamed like a lighthouse through my fog, “Yes!” she gushed.

Oh how I wanted lash extensions. But I’m a writer. And they’re crazy expensive. The cheapest lashes you can find in New York City cost $150..

Here are a few things you need to know about lash extensions and/or DIY falsies.

Don’t cheap out.

Your eyes are essentially holes in your skull (ew!!) it’s easy for bacteria to enter, for you to get sick, or worse look like an oozing cyclops. Just like you wouldn’t order sushi from a place called, “Crabs R Us” in a gas station, you shouldn’t get lashes unless you get the premium ones. Go to a spa that you can verify thinks sanitary conditions are the best thing ever.

When I finally had the opportunity to get lash extensions, I went to Jumana Sahadi at The Green Spa, a wellness center in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I had a friend who was going to a pricy salon in downtown Manhattan. She recommended them to so many of her friends, she could no longer get an appointment. After switching to the Jumana she got twice the compliments. People felt they looked more natural. Plus, they lasted her way longer. At my appointment, Jumana, a certified Extreme Lash Stylist, used the newly upgraded Minx Extreme Lashes along with top-notch surgical glue to build extensions onto the tips of my natural lashes. The procedure took two hours and I walked out yelling, “I’m the brunette Cinderella.” I will be seeing her again in two weeks for my fill-in.

Make sure they look natural. 

You know when you can spy a nose job from a helecopter? Fake looking lashes are not as tragic, but close. If you’re paying for lashes, the esthetician should know what you need, but if you (and I know you free spirits out there!) are applying them yourselves, here’s the key to your eye-shape:

Round Eyes: People notice you. They call you “doe-eyes” and it’s a compliment. You shouldn’t be afraid of drawing even more attention to your eyes with lash extensions. Round eye people can have some fun with dramatic lashes.

Hooded Eyes: Lash extensions will make you pop, Hoods. You can play with upper and lower lashes, specifically the outer bottom corners. You want your lash extensions to give the appearance of having bigger eyes without looking buggy or fake.

Almond Eyes: You make people’s radars for wise-looking yet mysterious peepers. Accentuate your uniqueness with extensions of different lengths, the longest should be in the center of your eyes. You, like the round eyes can play with length as long as it looks natural.

I highly recommend MINX LASHES, especially if you’re going to attempt to do it on your own.

Here’s what I look like now. I have erased all photographic evidence of my lashes before seeing Jumana. (Sorry Mom.) The best part is I no longer need mascara. I do miss my purple MAC eyeliner and shadow, which have become useless layabouts in my makeup

case, that I refuse to abandon.



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