January beauties, gel manicures now $25 at The Green Spa!

Happy Friday Green Spa-ers!

We’re very excited about our January special, all natural vegan gel manicures for $25. We’re lucky to have talented nail artists on staff who can make your nails show stoppers. If you’d like a glitter gradient mani, we can do that too, for only  $10 more. The gels we use are organic, LCN elastic, scratch proof & extremely durable. Plus they’re easy to remove and won’t damage your natural nail bed. We also do Minx Manicures and have several designs you can choose from. The first design is from Elena at The Green Spa, the rest are from the creative juices at Minx and Lucy’s Stash. We spend our time researching nail trends so you’re up to date on the latest designs.  To get you extra excited about what we can do for you, here’s some nail art inspiration.


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