L A U G H Special edition collection of Nail Lacquer is here!

Slow Matters…The time has come. To end the relentless pursuit for success and welcome calm and contentment. For focusing our energy on gratitude and deeper, more meaningful goals. To rekindle a connection to ourselves and each other. To Laugh. Out loud. and often. To heal and be healed. and to share, without hesitation, that new-found sense of well-being with the people that we love.

awaken your creativity with our Mid-Season Collection, Laugh. Indulge in playful, bright colors that dance with the light. Sparkle and layers of texture create a seriously beautiful aesthetic that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Model is wearing Optimistic as the base color + Hugs to create stripes with Giggle, rainbow glitter to top it off. Nail look is a collaboration by fashion designer, Gretchen Jones and celebrity manicurist, Michelle Saunders.

Try these great special edition Nail Lacquers at the Green Spa & Wellness Center.  Reserve your Wellness Manicure here!

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