New Beauty Trend Alert at The Green Spa!

We’re all on top of the latest and greatest technology in beauty. That’s why we hired experts in Oxygen Infused Skincare Treatments. Here’s why your skin needs to treat itself! “The New York Times” and several other publications have caught on. Madonna is getting them. They’re being called “the new botox.” But they’re natural. Here’s the skinny on our offerings: 
Oxygen Infusion Face Treatment is 100% oxygen infused and combined with a vitamin serum. It’s recommended for you if you’d like a more even skin tone and glowing skin! And who doesn’t?
60 Minutes $175 (Introductory Offer… Regularly $225) 
Series of 6 for $875 
Triple Oxygen Blast
This is all the rage! You get a Triple Action Radiance Peel combined with Oxygen Infusion Treatment and Hydration Mask to create the ultimate skincare treatment resulting in a super, show stopping youthful glow. This treatment is known to treats most skin conditions.
90 Minutes $225 (Introductory Offer… Regularly $310)
Series of 6 for $1125
BiOxygen Facial
This facial is deep cleansing with a double action cooling mask, oxygenating hydration treatment AND oxygen infusion treatment to create ultra clean, ultra hydrated and nourished skin
90 Minutes $225 (Introductory Offer… Regularly $345)
Series of 6 for $1125
Oxygen Combination Spa-tacular Series
Introductory Offer
This is recommended for our Green Spa beauties who just love to mix it up! Here we’ve combined treatments so you can mix and match for maximum benefits!
4 Oxygen Infusion Treatments
1 Tripple Oxygen Blast
1 BiOxygen Facial
$875 (Save $275 off of Promotional Prices)
We’ve been booking the treatments every day and will keep you posted on our clients results!
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