Recap of the Makeup used at the Grammys

The Makeup Artists for some of the celebrities at the Grammys really understood that focusing on strong features is the key to highlighting beauty. Here’s a list of some of the celebrities that caught our eye:

Taylor Swift:

Taylor went with a smokey eye with just a hint of a teal color. An eye pencil over black could achieve a similar look. Going against her habit of using red lipstick, she instead decided on pink instead. Not using her signature red lipstick really did make stand out and she looked adorable. A little bit of blush on her cheeks finished off a great look.


With her minimalist makeup on, it almost made you think she had woken up straight out of bed if you didn’t pay attention to the finer details. Her makeup added a light bronze and made her face glow. She had her skin highlighted and her cheeks really stood out. Neutral lips sealed the deal and made her look beautiful.

Other standouts:

Ariane Grande really went all out with the defined cat eye. Hey eyes were the main focus here, and her lips were mostly neutral, not leaning towards pink or red.

Lady Gaga always goes against the norm but what we really appreciated was her eyeshadow. Going for a green eyeshadow and making it work takes guts, but she pulled it off brilliantly.

Gwen Stefani is also known for her red lipstick, and ditched it for a muted pink color. This kind of pale pink lipstick seems to becoming a new trend if the Grammy’s have anything to say about it.

Need help recreating these make up styles?

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