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Success_Hypnosis-01Start Losing Weight Today
Most of us want to lose weight, or have struggled with our weight in the past. We feel it when we reach the top of the stairs, when we look down and see our belly or when we flinch at seeing a picture of ourselves. But what if I told you that you could start losing weight today just by taking one simple step?

Conscious Eating

It’s the act of being aware and awake whenever you eat. Giving you the ability to “Focus on your Food”. Think of anytime you have caught yourself binge eating; you were probably watching television, on the computer, driving, or working, and you didn’t even realize how much you ate until you finished. Now think of when you eat without distractions, with the simple pleasures of family or friends sharing a meal, giving you the ability to “Focus on your Food“.

I put that phrase in quotes because I want you to remember it. When you eat without distractions (like TV, work, driving, etc.) you are much more in touch with your body, and you can feel full faster. But better than that, you can stop eating before you are full. You can actually eat until you are NO LONGER PHYSICALLY HUNGRY and feel completely satisfied! Because who wants to feel “Full”? Doesn’t feeling “Full” make you think of feeling sluggish and overstuffed.

Most of us were raised to “clean our plates” and eat until we were full. It’s up to us now to realize that we don’t win any gold stars for eating everything on our plate or stuffing ourselves.

Conscious Eating

Try it for 6 weeks, and tell me how much weight you’ve lost just using this one simple step!

If you’d like to learn how to lose weight without drugs or dangerous diets, and gain amazing self control along the way, you can book a session with me by calling The Green Spa today, and if you are a Green Spa client (have had any service in the past 60 days) you can have a one hour hypnotic evaluation as our gift for supporting The Green Spa.

Have A Blessed Day.

Tim Seitz – The Happy Hypnotist
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