Spa Trends for 2014!


We’ve got three 2014 Trends you as a spa-lover need to be on top of:


The whole point of a spa experience is to sit back, relax and let go. But technology has given us the ability to enhance our spa experiences by allowing us to quickly download an app and book an appointment for a massage, yoga glass, or facial. Also, Fitbits and apps like “Map My Run” have become the way for outdoor workouts to be easy to manage from your iPhone or Android. We encourage you too book online, use fitness apps and especially use applications that help walk you through meditation. See, technology does help you decompress.

2. Aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese for religious ceremonies, cosmetic purposes, and medicinal practices. It’s exciting news that it’s making a swift comeback and many spas in 2014 are going to start using essential oils for sleep therapy, mood enhancers and a way to improve your everyday thinking processes. The Green Spa is hosting an Essential Oil class in February where you’ll learn about the various uses and health benefits. We hope you can join us!

3. Natural Beauty

Here at the Green Spa we’re especially excited about how social media has enhanced and brought about an acceptance of natural beauty. “The selfie” has been key in promoting toned down make-up and natural every day looks. At the Green Spa we were pioneers of organic make-up, selling brands like Jane Iredale and Eminence. We promote natural colors that bring your inner beauty out. in 2014, spas are catching on and many clients are bringing in pictures their friends or celebs posted on Instagram and asking spa professionals to duplicate the au natural! Very exciting news.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you in the loop on the latest!

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