Spring Feng Shui Energy

What another Chi packed week filled with Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology Workshops celebrating the arrival of Spring! When everything around us is changing naturally, its time for us to change. Ever wonder how an in home or office Feng Shui consultation can change your life?

Find out how today! Join me, Sheila Brody on an amazing adventure within.  We will look within your mind, your home, your office to open up the dormant opportunities. Tap into the energy that space healing has to offer for you.  This is an amazing time with the energies of The Water Snake, which means there are BIG CHANGES  for you,  your family, your job & businesses finances, wealth, health, marriages and commitments all year long.

Check in each month for up to date important information with our group classes.  You can also schedule a private astrology reading with 6 or more friends for a private group.  If  you in need of a Feng Shui New Year Makeover for your home or office, schedule your personalized consultaiton today!

Here is a sneak preview of our April Feng Shui workshop:


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