Sticking together

An interesting phenomenon… Did you ever watch a flock of birds fly together overhead? It is a beautiful sight. Did you know that these birds that flock together are amazing and loyal creatures all working together to get from one place to another. They fly in pyramid formations and take turns leading the pack. The bird in the front takes on the brunt of the work as the ones behind flap their wings vigorously to help ease the stress on the one in front. Every few miles or so, the one from the front will retreat to the back and back to front and so on to make their journey possible. If any part of their team becomes injured, several others will stay behind until their brother either gathers his strength or passes away. They simply will not leave one of their own behind. It is so interesting to me and the lesson I receive from this is that when we work together as a team we achieve greatness and when part of our team needs help, staying behind to help, means everything. As I passed over the deep blue Gulf of Mexico aboard The Law of Attraction Cruise, I saw this phenomenon in action. Right in the middle of the ocean these birds waited for their brother who was missing from the front, who just could not make the rest of the journey – the birds would not move along until their brother took his last moment before diving into the sea. There is much to be learned from these amazing birds. What if we all treated each other like these birds do and really worked and supported our own personal teams? The world would be a better place.

by Sheila Brody

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