Sweet & Floral: Skin Care Treats Your Valentine Will Love


Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” more than strawberries, chocolate & roses. Although you may love to shower your sweetheart with the usual sweet and floral luxuries, why not add a little creative twist to those old Valentine standards?

Whether you’re treating a spouse, parent, partner, friend (or even yourself!), we have a selection of delectable skin care surprises for every Valentine on your list.

The Floral valentine

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with roses. As a skin care ingredient, this robust flower works wonders for your complexion. Rosehip oil in particular (which comes from the fruit of the rose plant) is packed full of antioxidant vitamin C which improves hydration in the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. As a key ingredient in our Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Serum, this magical oil also helps combat skin problems caused by glycation – good news for those with a sweet tooth.

“After consuming all those sweets … resolve to pamper your complexion with this serum. It fights signs of glycation, breakdown … caused by sugar in the bloodstream. The gentle, nongreasy formula is effective on all skin types, even those with rosacea.” – PopSugar

 To add to our rosy Valentine’s Day gift ideas, our Sweet Red Rose Treatment is another one of our floral favorites and warrants 5 stars in our customer reviews:

“LOVE. My favorite Éminence product. The aroma is luscious. And my skin really appreciates this treatment masque and its healthy ingredients. Knowing I am applying food to my skin is a priority when purchasing skin care products.” – Malka, Customer Review

The Sweet Valentine

Indulge in dessert-like ingredients for Valentine’s without having to count calories. Here are a few sweet product selections recommended by us, our customers and beauty editors.


Did you know that the scent of chocolate can invoke feelings of happiness? It’s true! According to science, “Chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins, natural hormones produced by the brain, that generates feelings of pleasure and promotes a sense of wellbeing” (Medical Wellness Association). Bring happiness this Valentine’s Day with our Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque. Infused with a healthy dose of antioxidant-rich cocoa, macadamia, almond and jojoba oils, this  mask delights the senses and leaves the skin looking smooth, hydrated and youthful.


Not only are these red berries a tasty and romantic treat, they’re also rich in vitamins and nutrients that are incredibly beneficial to the skin. Real Simple Magazine recommends our Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum:

“For those with sensitive skin or major allergies, this nut- and soy-free serum will rehydrate skin that’s been dried out by cold weather. Keep it at your desk and apply a thin layer a few times a day (no more than three), and feel good knowing it contains wholesome ingredients, like strawberry, rhubarb, and honey.” Real Simple Magazine


Finally, what’s Valentine’s Day without kissable lips? Our customers love our Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper. This delicious gloss is another crowd favorite that naturally plumps the lips, creating a healthy shine and a luscious kissable pout.

Hands down the best thing I’ve ever had on my lips. This lip gloss truly does make your lips more plump and moisturizes them thoroughly. Love the fact it is cinnamon, unique touch. Wear it every day and couldn’t be happier with the results. The fact that this product is all natural is fantastic, you won’t regret buying it.” – Chloe, Customer Review

This post was written by Christie Pike from Eminence Organics.
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