The Immuni-Tea Collection from Eminence Organic Skin Care


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between each of the teas in this collection?

Most tea aficionados know that all white, black and green tea comes from the same source: the Camellia Sinensis tea bush. Whether a tea leaf winds up in a cup of green, black, or oolong tea depends entirely on what happens after it is plucked. Tea leaves meant for more mellow tasting green tea are not fermented at all, but merely withered in hot air and quickly steamed or pan-fried. A gentle rolling and final heating stabilizes the tea’s natural flavors.

White tea on the other hand is made from immature tea leaves that are picked shortly before the buds have fully opened. Tea leaves destined to be sold as white tea undergo even less processing than green tea leaves. Instead of air-drying, the unwithered leaves are merely steamed. Leaving tea leaves so close to their natural state means that white tea contains more polyphenols, the powerful anti-oxidant that fights and kills cancer-causing cells, than any other type of tea.

Rooibos Tea (pronounced roy-bus) is found primarily in South Africa and Japan and is high in antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acid and zinc for healthy, smooth skin. It is especially useful when applied to skin irritations like itchy skin, eczema, sunburns, diaper rash and acne.

Fun Fact: Rooibos comes from the Afrikaans word for “red bush”.

What are the benefits of using green & white tea in skin care?

Green and white teas have been used for thousands of years to treat inner and outer ailments and can count the following benefits as reasons Eminence has chosen to include them in our new collection:

  • They fight free radicals – Teas contain a cocktail of potent antioxidants (catechins), which help fight damage caused by free radicals.
  • They neutralize UV light – In several scientific studies, green tea extract was shown to neutralize the damage done by exposure to UV rays. Since exposure to sunlight is a major factor that ages the skin, it is reasonable to assume that green tea cream could help prevent premature aging.
  • They prevent skin cancer – Green tea’s antioxidant effects may help prevent skin cancer. A 2003 study published in the American Chemical Society discovered that green tea prevents skin cancer by blocking the harmful enzyme junk-2.
  • They rejuvenate skin cells – Green and white teas have been linked to improving skin elasticity when used continuously, and many people believe they may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles even if they can’t remove them completely. One study, performed in 2003 by Dr. Stephen Hsu of the Medical College of Georgia Department of Oral Biology, found that green tea was able to rejuvenate old skin cells that were at the end of their life cycle.
  • They fight inflammation – Green and white teas have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. If your skin is very sensitive and often red, products containing green tea extract may help soothe it.
  • They improve psoriasis and dandruff conditions – People with skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, and dandruff, which are caused by inflammation, may benefit the most from the anti-inflammatory action of the chemicals in green tea. In a 2007 study published in Experimental Dermatology, green tea was shown to significantly lessen the severity of psoriasis in mice.
  • They sooth acne and lighten skin – In addition to the benefits listed above, green tea catechins are anti-bacterial and can decrease hormone activity. A 2003 study carried out by Dr. Jennifer Gan-Wong of Memorial Medical Center in the Philippines showed that green tea cream was as good as benzoyl peroxide cream in treating acne conditions with fewer side effects. The researchers noted the green tea cream seemed to lighten patients’ skin color and improve the overall appearance of their complexion.
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