Three Essential Products for Spring Break

Are you prepared for spring break? Before you board that plane, make sure your skin is polished and beach-ready for a spectacular vacation. We’ve picked 3 essential products for your sun-seeking adventure.

Tropical Vanilla Day Cream
Screen out UVA / UVB / UVC rays
Jet-setters will definitely want to pack this gorgeous-scented cream in their luggage. Combining natural SPF as well as the hydrating qualities of shea butter, this day cream doubles as a sunscreen and a daily moisturizer.

Sun Defense Minerals
Protection and bronzer in one
After a long winter, vacationers will want to ease into a sun-kissed look. A few sweeps of Sun Defense Minerals provide water-resistant SPF protection and a glowing, flawless appearance to the skin.

Age Corrective Starter Set
Travel bag with a full skin care routine
Who wants to pack a toiletries bag if you don’t have to? Suggest this travel-sized starter set loaded with a complete set of best-selling products from our Age Corrective Collection.

Need that personal touch and assistance to really bring out your skin?

The Green Spa & Wellness Center is offering a customized consultation with our eminence educator to find out which product works best for your skin type.

Whether you are traveling or staying home this spring, learn how to best take care of your skin! Click here to book yourself for this special event today, space is limited so please RSVP to hold your space.

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