Trend Alert: Chocolate Holiday Spa Products

Chocoho-LICKs assortment of four chic, chocolate truffle-flavored lip glosses by Jane Iredale. I love Jane’s Mineral Make-up because she uses all natural skincare grade ingredients, so I do not worry about pre-mature ageing. This new set of lip glosses are truly the Ultimate Guiltless Pleasure because of their flavor! Lets face it, the average woman ingests 5 pounds of lip gloss over her lifetime, so why not enjoy it? Chocoho-Licks comes in four shades and flavors of hydrating glosses to provide a delicious array of options for your lips and your palate. Uses sunflower seed oil for its antioxidant benefits and jojoba seed oil for hydration. Each flavor is truly delicous & look amazing too!

• Truffle is a rich, chocolate brown gloss tasting of decadent, double chocolate.

• Chocolate Orange is a shimmering copper gloss pairing the flavors of deep, dark
chocolate and zingy orange.

Strawberry Cream is a glossy pink and tastes of luscious berries dipped in

Caramel is a sheer bronze gloss with sensuous, buttery sweetness.

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