Welcome Orly Amor to the Green Spa Team

When you find your purpose, it is like your heart has been set a light with passion. You know it absolutely, without any doubt.

Orly Amor, MBA, RPA, FMA

As an entrepreneur, author, and respected speaker, Orly Amor travels the country spreading the reach of her mentoring foundation, and inspiring everyone she meets. She is a master at helping busy people achieve success without compromising their quality of life. Through her unique and practical approach to self-exploration she has helped thousands of men and women get their personal and professional lives in order.

Accomplishments through leadership has lead Orly to an insatiable desire to educate others. Orly is an ambitious and determined consummate professional, an MBA Graduate from Montreal and a successful entrepreneur and business woman. An influential certified industry leader in Property Management for over 20 years, has won numerous awards & accolades and has authored two publications: “365 Days to the Ultimate You”, “How I went from Apprentice to Mentor in 90 Days”.

Founding of the Global Mentoring Foundation, she is President of The Global Mentoring Center based in South Florida. As an International Key note speaker, Orly’s extensive portfolio enables her to speak on a vast array of subjects. Her diverse positive experiences with philosophy can only be measured by the quality of the graduates from The Global Mentoring Program. In this unique process, you can choose from variety of subjects including, Self Empowerment, Personal growth, Laws of Attraction, Life Transformation, Leadership and Communication which are all mastered in her powerful program. Knowledge and Wisdom are passed from Master to Mentor to Apprentice.

Orly Amor’s expert direction and positive genius will give you the fortitude and guidance needed to ascend to your highest summit. The guidelines establish a positively charged purpose and intent. The Global Mentoring Program will create focus and unwavering successful accomplishment in your life. Orly Amor will help you reach beyond your goals with strength, character, courage, integrity and absolute conviction. An extraordinary instructor, an involved Orly Amor and the Global Mentoring Program will teach measuralble, beneficial and progressive accomplishment.

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