What is the future business model for Wellness Care?


27 July 2020

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What is the future business model for Wellness Care?

For more than two decades, we have been speaking with our guests who trust us to provide the best of Medical Massage Therapy, Pre-Natal Care, Pain Management, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Organic Skin Care and Hair Removal Services and they say one word …


People want Everything in Wellness. They want a holistic/full body approach that treats the entire person, not a disjointed “he said, she said” back and forth model of care where no one communicates with each other.

The future of Wellness Care in America will require COMMUNICATION and quality trusted referrals with a whole body approach (meaning more than just the body) to health and healing. I’ll explain in a moment…

More and more people are expecting to be treated as a whole person, meaning they are expecting to be asked how they are feeling and they want to be heard. People want to discuss their symptoms and wellness care plan as an entire package of Mind, Body and Spirit.

More and more people are sharing that STRESS is taking more of a toll on their wellness than ever before. People, in general, complain about being more stressed than they ever have been and at the same time they are not happy about the level of care that they are receiving.

In many cases it’s being overlooked or treated as a “well if you have time for that stuff” type of approach. Stress management is becoming more important to people and they want to add stress management tools to their healing and wellness program. They want to customize eastern and western approaches and be a part of the solution.

And get this, they want ALL this conveniently packaged under ONE roof.

Gone are the days that people will expect to go to a “Spa” for a massage and then to a stuffy doctor’s office for a totally separate type of evaluation or service. They want it all under one roof, but which roof?

We asked the same question.

Which one is it? The medical office or the Spa? And here is what we found out…

The medical office received an overwhelming thumbs down from patients and here is why…

Our surveys say patients want to be serviced in a relaxing and friendly spa-like atmosphere but don’t want to be treated like they are coming in for a “fluff” service. Wellness, Alternative Care and Holistic services are serious business.

The people we spoke with want to treat their important medical and health issues such as sciatica, nutrition, IBS, migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, stress and anxiety under one roof.

People are no longer laughing off the benefits of alternative, holistic and wellness services. It is no longer considered a luxury, like going out to dinner, and so the guilt of “treating” themselves is shedding fast.

They are, in fact, receiving TREATMENT in a LUXURY environment but they are by no means treating themselves to an unnecessary luxury.

Make sense so far?

This is why Wellness & Medical Co-sharing spaces are the next fastest growing business for the next decade.

But it has to be done right…

Now let’s talk about what people do NOT want.

They don’t want long waiting times traditionally experienced at medical offices, or outdated facilities that aren’t kept up and cleaned to standards that are sub par (just now being looked at under the microscope).

What else do they not want?

Patients are no longer interested in being treated badly by receptionists who seem frustrated and annoyed. These kind of receptionists are “rampant” in medical settings (their words, not ours).

Patients are asking for a one stop shopping model that values them as a person, not just a number. People want to know their money (or insurance) is actually worth something and that their business is appreciated.

The number one response to what was the most important part of a Wellness visit was a friendly, smiling face. In fact, a “smile” came up when asked what their favorite thing is about visiting a spa rather than a doctors office.

Are you ready for one more thing?

Time is more important than money to them.

Time is a non renewable resource that is becoming more and more precious to people. People are willing to pay as long as they receive friendly, reliable and trusted care that treats them as a whole person, in the same location.

People don’t have the time to sit in an office for an entire day and then to be treated “badly’ only to leave with a referral or a prescription to go somewhere else to actually work on a solution for their challenges.

People also want to work with specialists on their schedule and be a part of a customizable solution that works for them.

Now, more than ever, people are open to working with alternative, holistic and naturopathic experts which allows them to be “heard” more than the traditional main stream, big business, pharmaceutical prescription conglomerates.

Baby-boomers are still the ultimate trend-setting market demographic for many industries, and the Health and Wellness industry might top the list. The generation that started the health craze is still getting after it.

Baby-boomers have not let up on their pursuit of fitness, wellness, and youthfulness. They are open to and demanding a western and eastern approach to full body (mind and spirit) healing and well being. They have the money to spend and are happy doing so in the right atmosphere, especially if they are being addressed as a whole person.

You might also be surprised that It’s not just women who want to stay looking and feeling good, we have found, more and more, men reaching out for a holistic approach to their growing Wellness needs as well.

Oh and one last thing…

Do you know who a Co-sharing space works for best?

You. The practitioners.

You are able to provide more and work with a team of professionals to help the growing demand of holistic healing without the headache of running the entire operation. This way you can do what you do best, treat your patients and clients.

Don’t you want to feel well working in the field of healing and wellness?

To learn more more about Co-sharing workspaces we put together a FREE informative video for you to watch. After the presentation, you can schedule a call and learn more about our unique and exclusive opportunity. There are no strings attached. We want to help you succeed.

Click the link to watch the video NOW!


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