Where do you find your freedom?

Recently I shared a story on my adventure going south for the winter as it has been a dream of mine. This year I got to watch that dream unfold in real time as I packed up my car, drove down to Virginia, and headed on the Amtrak rail south to Florida.

This was a true law of attraction for me. Each year I have been extending my trip a little longer and a little longer and each year I have even been calling myself a Florida snowbird. This season I have been thinking why? Why do I find freedom there? Why do I find freedom in traveling? It prompted me to ask you, where do you find your freedom? I would love for you to share with me the ways you find freedom in your life after you read through this.

While you’re thinking about it, I am sitting inside the Amtrak station once again and looking up at the rather large compass over my head pointing north and south. And the saying “What goes up must come down” just entered my mind.

Now that it is time for us to return, I almost had a feeling in my gut as if something was dropping down, or falling down in my stomach… some would call it a pit in the stomach or an uneasy feeling. The sensation of this feeling that the party is over or something good is coming to an end. As this started to enter my energy field, the thought that I have to go back home, back to routine, and even back to perhaps anticipating stressful situations that we don’t find when we are free like a bird came to me. And then I quickly put myself in check.

Another question for you, so if we build up all that excitement to go somewhere and then a less-than-excited feeling floods our minds and emotions on our way back, why go anywhere? Up or down?

Then I remembered something and I wanted to share it with you. Life is meant to be free. Freedom is meant to be found on the inside.

Freedom = Detachment from & direction. Freedom from the seduction of a particular emotion and detached from the fear of a less than “fun or exciting emotion” and instead be free from it all. All the noise that tells us one thing is good and the other bad. Going = returning = bad and so on…

Knowing that Freedom is crested behind just or thought, I decided at the moment to share some Breaking Free thoughts with you.

Freedom is alive by acknowledging the presence in the present moment of now. Freedom is created just by being. Being a human being rather than a human doing…acknowledging the breathing being behind the comer or goer.

Freedom is breathed into this moment by acknowledging the beauty in it. It is created just by living in this one moment of time. Breathing it all in-the North Atlantic air or the southern warm breeze. There is freedom in it all. Take a breath right now and release just one thought. Find freedom there- here and now.

Bye-bye to accepting “it is what it is” and hello to living without judgment wherever it is we are going whether that be up or down, north or south, to the party or to work inward or outward. We are then truly free. Truly free like a bird, freely a human being.

We can be free like a bird wherever we choose to lay our head. We can call home wherever we choose to lay our head. And we can find love in going and in returning when we consciously connect with the beauty in all that exists in every moment we get to be alive.

We can find freedom in escaping and coming back home whenever that may be.

The real celebration is found inside all of the steps along the journey south, north, west, east, and particularly the journey home – our real home is wherever on the map we may find ourselves. When we choose to go within and feel the energy that we have in our bodies and choose to respect in the moments wherever it is leading us, we can find peace and serenity which is what freedom really is anyway, isn’t it? Isn’t peace and serenity what we are all looking for when we decide to take a vacation, to travel, to venture to a new place, and when we decide to take the journey inward for some self-exploration.

Peace is what we are after… Whether it is in the form of going for a massage, looking for a relationship, taking a vacation, leaving work early, going to the bar, heading out on the weekends, wanting someone to understand us, or wanting to understand ourselves. Isn’t it peace, faith, love, and serenity that we are in  search of by way of all the shiny objects including vacations?

So I ask you, where do you find your peace? Peace of mind, peace in your heart, peace in your spirit, peace in your soul, peace in your body, where is it? Is it on a southbound train to Florida for the winter or is it in your office, around your dining room table, as you bump up the heat to stay warm, where can you find your peace today? Wherever you find that peace run to it! And wherever you don’t find that peace and you want to run away from the situation you are in, don’t run. Go within, breathe into the moment, and ask yourself why is this so uncomfortable for me? It’s just a temporary situation, it is not who I am. It does not define me whether or not I’m on my way to or from a vacation, let’s say. The beauty of transforming mindsets is learning how to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

Remember, you bring yourself wherever you go…. Or stay. Wherever I go there I am.

If you are in search of true happiness, freedom from want and lack, some more faith, love, peace & ease in your life, join us on our mission to transform one million minds by changing just one thought at a time.

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